When is Big E returning to WWE after 2022 neck injury?

A serious neck injury has forced Big E, a much-loved WWE Superstar and New Day member, to miss time in action. Big E has made it very obvious that there is no preset schedule for his return to the ring, with the exception of the upcoming events like the Elimination Chamber and the Royal Rumble.

Big E responded to inquiries about his return, highlighting the importance of putting his long-term health ahead of a fast return to in-ring action. This comes at a time when many wrestlers are waiting for the right opportunity to make a comeback.

When is Big E going to return to WWE?

On an episode of SmackDown in March of 2022, Ettore Ewen aka Big E was in a precarious position when Ridge Holland accidentally tossed him, breaking his neck in the process. As the WWE Royal Rumble draws near, Big E has provided an update on his health after neck surgery and his emphasis on restoration.

Even with a lot on his plate, Big E emphasizes that his health is paramount, whether he’s still competing or not. Acknowledging the significance of making the right choice for his well-being, Big E remains hesitant about returning to in-ring action, despite reuniting with his tag team teammates.

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The 37-year-old wrestler is methodical in ensuring that any potential decision for an in-ring comeback is well-considered, even with an unclear WWE future. In an interview with TMZ, he joked about his neck being “all together,” but he assured that he would give it plenty of thought before deciding whether or not to return to the ring.

He stated, “It’s all together, the bones connect to the other bones. I just want to make a smart decision, you know. I didn’t start wrestling to end up in a wheelchair, so yeah I want to make sure I’m making the best decision for myself.”

How did Big E suffer neck injury?

Big E made it to the top of the wrestling industry in 2021 when he became WWE Champion by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. But he couldn’t play after breaking his neck in March of 2022.

Big E broke his C1 and C6 vertebrae after a botched suplex sent him tumbling to the canvas during a tag team bout. The good news is that he was able to escape major injuries to his spinal cord, nerves, or ligaments, which increased the likelihood of his return to wrestling, even if he was out for more than a year.

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Before his accident, Big E had established himself as a major player in the WWE, having won two Intercontinental Championships and eight tag team titles. The fact that he could compete well in both tag team and singles events proved to be an invaluable asset to the organization. Big E’s recovery is going well, and WWE is keeping its fingers crossed that he’ll be able to return to the ring soon.

Given the lack of information surrounding his neck issue, what are your thoughts on his chances of competing at WrestleMania 40? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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