When will CM Punk return to WWE? Exploring the comeback in light of recent development

Ever since his abrupt departure from AEW last month, there have been countless rumors about CM Punk possibly making his return to WWE. Although the possibility of The Second City Saint making his return was low until now, several sources close to the Stamford-based promotion are now reporting that Punk’s return is more or less confirmed

CM Punk’s backstage fight with Jack Perry at AEW All In was probably the last straw for him, as Tony Khan terminated his contract with the company soon after. The Chicago-born superstar has his fair share of controversies in WWE as well, especially his infamous Pipebomb promo, which led to his firing from the company, that too on his wedding day.

Multiple reports indicate CM Punk return

For the past few weeks, several sources had reported that Punk’s return to the Stamford-based promotion was unlikely to happen, at least by the end of this year. It seems like the wishes of his fans were granted, as it is now being reported by a lot of sources close to WWE that it is likely that CM Punk would make his return to WWE pretty soon.

Reputed sources such as PWInsider, Haus of Wrestling and Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter have cited that people close to both Punk and WWE have confirmed that they are in talks and it is The Second City Saint’s intention to return to the promotion. One source told Haus of Wrestling that they feel like ‘its a safe bet’ that CM Punk will return at Survivor Series 2023, which is going to take place at Chicago. It would definitely make sense for Punk to return to the company, in his very hometown.

To support this claim, Dave Meltzer has noted that if the deal between WWE and Punk does go through, Survivor Series would be the perfect place for him to make his return. On the other hand, a WWE source close to PWInsider commented that it would make for a far greater moment if CM Punk made his first appearance at Royal Rumble next year. The event is basically a place for WWE Legends or the former superstars of the company to make their epic return, such as Edge.

Corey Graves drops another CM Punk reference

Fans of the wrestling world have been quick to catch any and all hints that WWE has been dropping to CM Punk’s possible return. The most recent one was Michael Cole’s segment with Seth Rollins on Monday Night RAW, where he dropped a subtle reference to one of The Second City Saint’s infamous Pipebomb promos.

While promoting the upcoming match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins at Fastlane, commentator Corey Graves said,  “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making people forget that he existed.” This line was famously used by CM Punk in a promo during his final run in Ring of Honor. This is the second time this week that The Second City Saint has been referenced to in WWE, which could hint at his return to the company sooner or later.

While current reports are positive about Punk making his return, it’d be better to wait for any official confirmation, that is if WWE spoils his return. It would be interesting to see what plans WWE have for CM Punk, if he ends up returning.


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