Which Bears Star got penalized for removing helmet with a broken face mask?

Heading into Week 12, the Chicago Bears, with the promising quarterback Justin Fields, had managed to secure just three wins in their standings. Although initially appearing to struggle, the Bears were able to disrupt the Minnesota Vikings and secure a win in Week 12.

As the night progressed, the Bears found an effortless opportunity to score an additional point. However, in the midst of their potential victory, one of their players ended the night feeling frustrated due to a controversial call made by the referees during the game.

Kyler Gordon faces penalty for helmet removal despite broken face mask

During the Monday Night Football matchup in Week 12, a controversial unsportsmanlike conduct penalty stirred up the game dynamics. Bears defensive back Kyler Gordon found himself penalized after he intercepted a pass, and in the upshot of the play, his face mask became dislodged.

Gordon lifted his helmet in the air to signal the issue to the referees. Unfortunately, the refs missed the broken face mask and penalized Chicago 15 yards. The situation added more confusion as the official opted to change the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct to taunting.

The scene on the sideline captured a bewildered Gordon holding his helmet in the air, attempting to showcase the broken face mask to the officials. Despite this seemingly reasonable explanation for removing his helmet, the penalty stood and left Gordon frustrated with the officiating decision, per Yahoo Sports.

The play that led to this controversial call took place during a second-quarter interception by Jaylon Johnson. Gordon engaged in blocking Minnesota’s Brandon Powell. During the play, he had his face mask pulled off. 

The video replay clearly displayed Powell grabbing Gordon’s face mask as they left the field. Yet the penalty was solely assessed to Gordon for removing his helmet.

This incident highlights the controversial decision of the refs that they stirred in real-time decision-making. It started in Week 2, with the New York Jets as the victims. At one point, even the Jet’s superstar Aaron Rodgers also voiced his frustration, suggesting some techniques to reduce it.

Again, the refs stirred controversy by imposing a hefty fine on Josh Allen. It led Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce to convey his frustration while J.J. Watt sees this act as a way of “stealing money.”

Lackluster Bears-Vikings showdown ends in 12–10

During Week 12 matchups, the Bears versus Vikings game seems to be a bit underwhelming, not quite living up to the excitement and intensity typically seen in NFL matchups. From the start, both teams showcased a level of play that brought to mind a school or college football game without either side displaying exceptional skill.

The scoring opened modestly for Chicago with a 25-yard field goal, granting them a three-point lead in the first quarter. The Vikings managed to find their footing, resulting in a 3-3 tie by the end of the second quarter. However, the momentum slipped away from Joshua Dobbs’ team in the subsequent phase, marked by their quarterback completing 22 of 32 passes and scoring a touchdown. The lackluster game concluded with the Bears securing a 12-10 victory.

The Vikings, dealing with the absence of their veteran starter Kirk Cousins due to a season-ending injury, struggled to make significant gains, tallying only 242 yards—169 passing yards and 73 rushing yards. In contrast, the Bears, despite their own challenges, amassed 317 yards, comprising 199 passing yards and 118 rushing yards.

With this hard-fought win, the Bears now hold a 4-8 record, placing them at the bottom of the NFC North. 

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