Which Bills defender faces fine from NFL for hit on Dak Prescott last week?

In Week 15, Dallas Cowboys starter Dak Prescott faced not only a challenging matchup with Stephen A. Smith’s sly jab for their showdown against the Buffalo Bills but also endured some hard hits that have stirred controversy. The Cowboys quarterback found himself on the receiving end of two questionable tackles, even after sliding, raising concerns about the opponent’s conduct.

While the NFL promptly used to address on-field roughness, deemed by J.J. Watt as “stealing money,” these two instances of rough play did not escape their vigilant scrutiny, resulting in significant fines for both Bills players involved.

 NFL fines Bills player for hit on Dak

Despite the Cowboys’ lackluster performance in their 31-10 loss to the Bills, the spotlight moved to a pair of hits on Prescott that many considered cheap shots deserving of in-game ejections. Two Bills players, linebacker Tyrel Dodson and safety Taylor Rapp, faced the consequences as the NFL handed down fines for unnecessary roughness.

Tyrel Dodson’s hit on Dak Prescott in the second quarter resulted in a helmet-to-helmet collision during a slide attempt, per Fox44 News. The league didn’t take this lightly, imposing a significant fine of $11,167 on Dodson. The play not only incurred the financial penalty but also drew a penalty flag, granting the Cowboys an automatic first down.

Another hit, this time by safety Taylor Rapp in the first quarter, added more fuel to the controversy. Rapp’s hit on Prescott during a slide led to a fine of $21,855. The severity of this hit escalated tensions on the field. It almost triggered an on-field brawl as Cowboys guard Zack Martin confronted Taylor Rapp immediately.

These fines raise questions about the Bills’ conduct during the game and their struggle with penalties throughout the season. With 89 penalties, Buffalo ranks eighth in the league for the most penalties entering Week 16, highlighting a recurring issue that has affected them in various matchups.

While the fines address the specific hits on Dak Prescott, the broader implications center around player safety and the need for strict enforcement of rules to protect quarterbacks, especially when in a vulnerable position during a slide. Colin Cowherd sends a Dak Prescott warning to Dolphins supporters

Colin Cowherd sends a Dak Prescott warning to Dolphins supporters

While rapper Lil Wayne singled out Micah Parsons as the Cowboys’ sole superpower, NFL analyst Colin Cowherd emphatically threw his support behind quarterback Dak Prescott.

On a recent episode of ‘Herd w/Colin Cowherd,’ Cowherd expressed his confidence in the Cowboys’ upcoming performance against the Dolphins. He not only predicted a blowout victory but also envisioned Dallas physically dominating their opponents. 

In his colorful analogy, Cowherd remarked, “They’re going to push them around… One team doesn’t have to have a fake Gucci bag. They’ve got a real one.”

Cowherd’s optimism about the Cowboys isn’t a newfound sentiment. He has consistently regarded them as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Moreover, after a stellar performance by Dak Prescott in the Cowboys’ decisive win over the Seattle Seahawks, Cowherd elevated Prescott’s status, considering him a strong contender for the NFL MVP and labeling him a “top-three quarterback in the league.”

Interestingly, Cowherd’s praise for Prescott in recent times contrasts starkly with his earlier sentiments expressed in September. At that time, he had described Dak as a “regressing pocket passer who needs a lot of help.” The apparent shift in Cowherd’s perspective brought him a pile of backlash from NFL fans.

What’s your take on Cowherd’s shift of attitude towards Dak Prescott? Make sure to share them with us in the comments section.

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