Which soccer team does Dwayne Johnson support? Revealing the Rock’s true colors

Dwayne Johnson’s name is prominent in both the WWE and Hollywood industries. The WWE legend has achieved tremendous success in both wrestling and the movie industry, making him one of the most successful individuals globally.

The Rock surprised fans by revealing his favorite soccer team. His most recent appearance on the Stamford-based promotion was on the September 15 edition of SmackDown, where he confronted and defeated Austin Theory.

Dwayne Johnson revealed his team

In 2022, while promoting his movie Black Adam in England, Dwayne Johnson was asked about his favorite football team. Johnson answered that he was a Liverpool supporter, which definitely left a lot of fans confused as the WWE megastar had previously stated that he was a Macclesfield FC supporter.

Dwayne Johnson

At a promotional event in England, The Brahma Bull was asked by talkSport which football team was his favorite. He answered that his favorite team was the pride of Cheshire, that is Liverpool. While this delighted some Liverpool fans, who were thrilled to have The Rock on their side, others pointed out that this was not his initial opinion.

Back in 2011, Dwayne Johnson tweeted out his support for Macclesfield FC, which he had then declared as the pride of Cheshire. He even discussed his love for the team in a 2009 interview, thanking the people for their love and support. However, Macclesfield’s present condition wasn’t great, as they disbanded in 2020 after failing to repay their debt. This was likely the reason The Great One chose a different team to support.

Dwayne Johnson shows off David Beckham cosplay

Every WWE superstar had dressed up this week on the occasion of Halloween, and Dwayne Johnson wasn’t one to miss it. The Brahma Bull surprised fans on social media by showing off his cosplay of David Beckham.

The Rock recently posted on Instagram some photos of himself dressed as a famous former footballer David Beckham. He could be seen sporting a Manchester United jersey and wearing a wig, which matched the former look of the iconic footballer.

“265lb BLA-MOAN BECKHAM. #7 on the field #1 in your heart Happy Halloween, my friends!!! BlaMoan = Black + Samoan #BendItLikeABlaMoan #TaurusEnergy #May2ndBabies,” The Rock wrote in his post.

It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see The Rock dressed up for Halloween. Although he couldn’t be present for the Halloween special episodes of WWE this week, he had his own way of celebrating. We hope to see him return to WWE television in the coming months.


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