Who are two exclusive athletes Magic Johnson believes could have dominated both NBA and NFL?

Magic Johnson mentioned how it is exceedingly challenging to succeed in one professional sport, let alone two. Only a handful of athletes worldwide can be considered capable of excelling in two sports at a professional level. No athlete has gone as far as playing in both the NBA and the NFL. NBA legend Magic Johnson discussed this topic in a recent interview.

Magic Johnson is widely considered to be the best point guard of all time, he was recently compared heavily with Stephen Curry as a part of the debate for the Best Point Guard of all time. His accomplishments and achievements make his opinion very valueable for the fans and analysts. And recently he named two atheletes who he thinks could have made it both in the NBA and the NFL.

Johnson’s two picks for dual NBA and NFL dominance

Magic Johnson was recently invited to the Dan Patrick show where the five time NBA champion talked about a lot of things. During those topics, he touched on atheletes possibly playing two sports professionally. He revealed his choice of athletes who he thought could have played two sports professionally, saying, “I think that it is hard to say a football player could go into the NBA, and it is hard for an NBA player to go into football.”

Johnson went on to mention two athletes he believed could have succeeded in the other sport. He named Allen Iverson from the NBA and the current coach, Prime Deion Sanders, from the NFL. Magic remained logical in his statement as he pointed out that the athletes he named had dominated in their respective sports, but it was possible they wouldn’t have had the same level of dominance in the other sport.

Both of Johnson’s choices are justified, as Allen Iverson was a standout quarterback during his high school days. Deion Sanders was an incredible athlete who played in both the NFL and MLB, making him the only player to participate in both the World Series and the Super Bowl.

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA?

Magic Johnson played in the NBA for a total of 13 seasons and achieved legendary status in the league. He was a one-team man and remained loyal to his first team, the Los Angeles Lakers, throughout his career. Johnson’s journey in the NBA began in 1979 with the Lakers, and he retired as a Laker in 1991.

Johnson had a highly decorated career in the sport of basketball, winning 5 NBA championships and 2 Olympic Gold Medals. He is also a 12-time NBA All-Star and received three NBA MVP awards during his career. His tenure in the NBA is among the most decorated and celebrated, and he is widely regarded by fans as the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA.

Magic Johnson
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