Who caused the most damage in 2023 F1 season? Examining the list feat. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton

The 2023 F1 season has officially ended and finally, Lewis Hamilton’s prophecies about Max Verstappen came true. The Dutchman claimed his 19th victory of the season and managed to show us pure dominance from the start to the end of the season.

However, with Formula 1 comes expensive machinery and drivers aren’t always perfect at racing these powerful beasts. We will be analyzing the damages caused by drivers over the season and finding out which driver managed to destroy their car to the extreme.

Who caused the most damage in 2023 F1 season?

The 2023 F1 season had its fair share of surprises and massive wrecks when it came to car crashes. Whether it be lap 1 pileups or sudden retirements, the 2023 F1 season had it all. While all drivers on the current roster are the best at their jobs, they sometimes cause fatal errors, leading to big crashes and ultimately a lot of damage to the team and their budget.

The key takeaway from this list was the fact that Max Verstappen caused the least damage to his ride, giving Red Bull a stress-free campaign and further highlighting his mastery of the RB19. Ultimately, it was this perfection that led to his third title.

The highest damage, however, was awarded to rookie Logan Sargeant. He didn’t seem to have a good time with his Williams, leading to many technical issues and mid-race retirements, which ultimately cost him dearly. Logans Sargeant caused a total damage of $4,333,000. Sargeant was followed by Carlos Sainz, who had unfortunate fiasco in Las Vegas GP and some nasty crashes pre-race this season. The Spaniard gave Scuderia Ferrari a bill of $3,644,000.

2023 F1 season
Hungarian GP lap 1 crash via Sportskeeda

Final constructor standings of 2023 F1 season

The last race in Abu Dhabi gave us an amazing contest for constructor standings, even though the winner was decided long ago in the form of Red Bull. Mercedes and Ferrari fought tooth and nail for second place but ultimately, the Silver Arrows prevailed. Ferrari followed them by a mere 3 points.

2023 F1 season
Final Constructor standings after 2023 via F1

McLaren were late bloomers and managed to overtake the extremely explosive start of Aston Martin in 2023, even though they were unable to secure any podiums in the past two races. Aston Martin would want to create an even better car for 2024 and get a possible victory in the hands of Fernando Alonso. Alpine came in at 6th in the constructor standings, followed by Williams, Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo and Haas.

The 2023 F1 season was more about Max Verstappen getting the victory and other teams fighting for the rest of the positions, causing potential boredom among people. However, Max Verstappen has tried to encourage people about the dominance of the Bulls and asked for further support.

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