Who is Bryce James dating? Exploring the dating rumors of LeBron James’ son

Both the sons of LeBron James, Bronny and Bryce show signs of a promising future NBA career. Bryce James especially has been on a school transfer spree where he first enrolled in Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles. In his junior year of high school, he transferred to Campbell Hall School in California.

He stayed at Campbell for a few months and finally transferred to Notre Dame High School, California. Now that he has settled down in a school and also delivered good debut performance for the basketball team, Bryce has sparked some dating rumors after he took a popular rapper’s daughter to homecoming ’23 with him.

Bryce sparks dating rumor with recent outing

Bryce James has sparked dating rumors amid his recent outing to homecoming ’23. He took out $900 million rich rapper Diddy’s twin daughters to the homecoming with him. The couple looked good together all dressed up and this has led to people speculating if there is something more than friendship going on between the two.

The rumors of Bryce dating Diddy’s daughter started when a choreographed video of Sophia Pippen, Bryce James and Diddy’s daughter was shared on social media. The video instantly went viral and rumors of Bryce possibly having a romantic relationship with one of Diddy’s daughters, either D’Lila Star or Jessie James Combs, gained lot of media attention.

Bryce’s impressive Notre Dame debut

Bryce James stunned the fans with his Notre Dame debut. A video of his performance from the debut match surfaced on the internet and went viral. The 16-year-old was spectacular in his debut and showed early signs of great potential. The fans were expecting this level of athletics from Bryce given his strong genetics. After all, his father NBA legend LeBron James has had one of the longest and most illustrious careers in the world of basketball.

He showcased his skills and exceptional scoring ability which was applauded by the netizens. Some fans even compared him to the legendary Michael Jordan and said that Bryce was better already. There is still a significant amount of time left before we can expect to see Bryce enlist for the NBA draft. Until then it will be interesting to witness his abilities on a competitive high school level.

Bryce James
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What kind of relationship do you think Bryce and Diddy’s daughter have? Do you think Bryce James will make it big in the NBA once he is drafted? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments section and share with us.

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