Who is Ed Matthews’ mystery opponent for Misfits x DAZN x Series 012?

ED Matthews has shown the world why his social media presence is enough to get the attention of a global audience, whether on TikTok, YouTube, or inside the boxing ring. Since Matthews joined boxing, he has always claimed that he achieves success through his natural abilities alone.

Despite facing scrutiny and accusations of not being natural and using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), the social media star challenged authorities to test him. Ed Matthews’s unwavering confidence in inviting testing shows the faith he has garnered from his fans.

Who is Ed Matthews’ mystery opponent?

After participating in three fights in the ring, winning two and losing one in less than two years of his career, Ed Matthews has clarified one thing: he avoids leaving the fight to the hands of judges, as all of his bouts have concluded with knockout results.

The debut victory against Simple Simon in the first round on July 16, 2022, marked a significant achievement for the influencer-turned-boxer. Subsequently, in April 2023, he experienced a loss against Blueface, also via knockout. It was only in October of the same year that he secured a win through knockout against Swarmz.

Now, Ed Matthews is geared up for a five-round bout scheduled for January 20th at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England. Ed is set to headline the inaugural X series event, a collaboration between Misfit and Dazn. Adding to the suspense, the promotions have yet to disclose his opponent, keeping it a mystery as the fight approaches in just two days.

All the talk around Ed Matthews’ mystery opponent

Dazn and Misfits have already generated suspense, with many experts and fellow fighters speculating and informing fans about potentially being the next opponents for Ed Matthews.

Initially, KSI hinted that he might be Ed Matthews’ next opponent, but later he refuted the claim with the support of Ed himself.

Kalle Sauerland stated that all the mentioned names were inaccurate. However, he dropped a hint that the mystery opponent would be a heavyweight in the upcoming fight. Kalle said, “I’ve read about it online, all wrong. All wrong. You’re going to be surprised, people. He’s had to make weight. He’s normally at heavyweight.”

BDave YouTuber also claimed to be the next opponent of Ed Matthews and assured to knock him out.

Since the mystery opponent of Ed Matthews hasn’t been revealed, the other undercard is a Misfit middleweight title bout where Elle Brooke, who was once chocked by Dillon Danis, will be taking on champion Aj Bunker.

Who do you think will be the next opponent of Ed Matthews after Kalle Sauerland gave a big hint about it?

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