Who is Jack Doherty calling out Andrew Tate for a boxing match?

Jack Doherty is now trying to perform the most daredevil stunt he has ever performed in his career so far. Doherty is trying to take on former kickboxer and current internet sensation Andrew Tate. Jack doesn’t look happy with his current accomplishments, so he has decided to take on a new challenge.

Andrew Tate, who didn’t shy away from reacting to Vince McMahon’s sex trafficking allegations, may find himself in the conversation of a boxing match. This match, according to Jack Doherty, will not be an ordinary boxing match either.

Jack Doherty calls out Andrew Tate: Who is he?

Jack Doherty is a social media influencer and Kick streamer well known for his daring stunts and pranks. He is only 20 years old and comes from Irish-Polish descent.

Recently, on his Twitter ‘X’ handle, Doherty has decided to make his boxing debut against one of the most controversial internet personalities. Jack, with 13 million followers on YouTube and 84k followers on Twitter at the age of 20, has decided to challenge the 37-year-old to a ring fight.

As of now, Top G has not responded to the challenge. However, Doherty has outlined his preferred setup for the match, suggesting that it won’t be a one-on-one fight but rather involve multiple participants in the boxing ring.

Boxing fans might get to see a new boxer coming from an influencer background. While some streamers like N3on and IShowSpeed have opted for similar background fighters, Jack Doherty has taken a different route by challenging a professional fighter with a kickboxing background. Doherty has proposed a unique 1 vs. 4 matchup against Andrew Tate, with Tate on one side and his three bodyguards with him on the other.

However, many fans have ridiculed the young influencer, advising him against making the bout official and even warning him not to come to America. Some have even joked that the 20-year-old challenger might find himself in the hospital after the fight.

Jack Doherty is alleged to have heard gunshots during the stream

During a recent livestream session, 20-year-old Jack Doherty was out with his friends, sharing a glimpse of his lifestyle with his followers. However, something unexpected grabbed the attention of fans: the sound of gunfire in the background. Concerned for their safety, Doherty and his friends decided to stay in their car until the situation resolved.

There were already three people in the car when they all panicked, and one person who was outside rushed into the car after hearing the sound. Jack Doherty was in the driver’s seat while one of his friends were sitting on the passenger’s seat and one at the back.

As soon as the fourth person entered the car, Doherty swiftly drove out of the area. While the nature of the sounds wasn’t clear, whether they were gunshots or something else, there are doubts among some fans that Doherty may have staged the incident.

What are your thoughts on Jack Doherty challenging Andrew Tate, with no exact reason revealed yet?

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