Who is Jeremiah Fennell going viral on Super Bowl opening night?

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers stumbled in the regular season. Both of the teams lost their charms for a while after succumbing to below-average teams. However, they had been phenomenal in their postseason.

The Chiefs and 49ers ultimately reached the Super Bowl LVIII, scheduled for February 11. Players from both teams have landed in Las Vegas for the high-voltage match. Besides the Chiefs and 49ers players, it was Jeremiah Fennell who caught the attention of the fans.

Who is Jeremiah Fennell?

Jeremiah Fennell is an 11-year-old sports reporter. Hailing from Las Vegas, he has captured the attention of fans and professionals with his passion, dedication, and natural flair for storytelling. Despite his tender age, this precocious talent is no stranger to the spotlight. Recently, he took center stage as a host on Super Bowl opening night.

However, Jeremiah’s journey in sports journalism began long before this high-profile gig. He dipped his toes into the world of reporting at the age of seven. He has a YouTube channel as his platform and has been steadily building his reputation as a budding sports broadcaster. His content spans a diverse range of topics, ranging from in-depth analysis of Raiders games to exclusive interviews with youth athletes in his hometown of Las Vegas.

Passion is the driving force behind Jeremiah’s success. “When you’re very passionate with your job, you really take it seriously,” he once remarked.

Beyond his love for football, Jeremiah is also an avid supporter of the NBA, particularly the Phoenix Suns. But he couldn’t play both sports due to his medical issues. So, he decided to stay around the sports world with his passion for journalism.

Fennell goes 1-on-1 with Patrick Mahomes

During the Super Bowl opening night, Jeremiah Fennell seized the opportunity to engage in a unique encounter with none other than the Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The challenge was to draft dream teams, but with a twist. Both were allowed to select any current or former NFL players, and Mahomes couldn’t select any player on the Chiefs.

“So I want to build a fantasy team, but on two conditions. The rules are simple. We both have you as our quarterback. Since you’re one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And the second rule is that you can’t pick anyone that’s on the current Chiefs roster. But you can pick players that are current or all time players in the NFL”, Fennel said.

Pat asked Fennell to tell his picks first. The kid reporter’s lineup boasted iconic figures like Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, and Lawrence Taylor, via Aarowhead Pride. Next, it was Mahomes’ turn to make his mark on the virtual turf.

The Chiefs QB crafted a powerhouse roster comprising Earl Campbell, Randy Moss, Ja’Marr Chase, Rob Gronkowski, and Tyreek Hill. His list also featured a legion of defensive juggernauts including Brian Dawkins, Ed Reed, and Deion Sanders. Jeremiah Fennell also went 1-on-1 with the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and HC Andy Reid.


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