Who is John Haddad aka The Fix going to help Manchester City ace Erling Haaland recover from injury?

There’s no denying Erling Haaland’s stellar performance for Manchester City this season, evident in his triumph with the Golden Man Award, where he outshone the likes of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. However, the Norwegian talisman is currently facing a minor setback as he grapples with a foot stress injury.

Erling Haaland, in an attempt to arrest the situation and return efficiently to the football pitch, has sought the expertise of John Haddad, an expert who is dubbed the “Miracle Man.” Even the ‘Miracle man’ may not be able to make Haaland play against Palace, but he should be back stronger in subsequent fixtures.

Who is John Haddad?

John Haddad, who specialized in Marbella, is a highly skilled biomechanics expert who has earned the nickname “The Miracle Man” due to his exceptional abilities and reputation. That’s why Erling Haaland couldn’t find a more suitable candidate when he was diagnosed with a “bone stress reaction in his foot.”

Apparently, this is not Haaland’s first encounter with John Haddad as he has been going to him for treatment since 2020, when he helped Haaland recover from a hip injury.

John Haddad

A former jeweler hailing from LA, John Haddad, who now goes by the alias ‘The Fix,’ is renowned for his expertise in addressing biomechanical issues and has earned a reputation for successfully aiding athletes in their recovery.

Haddad once told the Norwegian media, “The brain controls the body and almost everything becomes easy once you understand how to programme it.” Perhaps this is how he got the title, “The miracle man”.

Erling Haaland visits John Haddad to recover

In an effort to recuperate from a foot injury and be fit for the FIFA Club World Cup, Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has recently sought the expertise of ‘Miracle Man’ John Haddad.

Due to the issue, Haaland had to sit out of City’s Premier League victory against Luton Town last weekend. Furthermore, he was absent from the squad’s travel to Serbia for the midweek inconsequential match against Red Star on matchday six of the Champions League group stage.

Erling Haaland visits John Haddad to recover
The Telegraph

Erling Haaland’s relationship with John Haddad dates back to his Borussia Dortmund days, starting in 2020 due to Haaland’s numerous injury complaints. John Haddad is so experienced in biomechanics that the Norwegian media has termed him the ‘Miracle Man’. Hence, Haaland has met him in an attempt to return to fitness.

Accompanying Haaland in Spain is Mario Pafundi, a member of the city’s physio department. Given the Premier League champions’ strong emphasis on maintaining the fitness of their star asset, especially considering his previous injury history, Pafundi routinely travels with Haaland during international duty for Norway as well.


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