Who is Nick Mysterio trending after R-Truth’s video package on WWE Raw?

During yesterday’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, a humorous video featuring R-Truth was aired. In the video, R-Truth explained why he had always dreamed of joining Judgment Day. It was a vignette that humorously used photo editing to depict Truth in various members’ biggest WWE moments. The way he narrated the events was hilarious.

R-Truth shared his experience with Judgment Day in that clip, and this video clip has gone viral among fans online. Notably, Truth sarcastically referred to Dominik Mysterio as Tom and Nick Mysterio in the clip, catching fans off guard, and they couldn’t help but react online by making memes with the clip.

Who is Nick Mysterio?

If you’re familiar with R-Truth’s career, you probably already know that he’s one of the funniest superstars on the WWE roster. On the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Truth namedropped a person named Nick Mysterio, which has caused a lot of buzz among fans. Some might be curious to know if Nick is related to Rey Mysterio.

To answer the question, Nick is actually Dominik Mysterio, Rey Mysterio’s son, and a member of Judgment Day. The former NXT North American Champion was jokingly referred to as Tom and Nick Mysterio by R-Truth during his segment on WWE Monday Night Raw.

“Now that JD is gone, we are real, real family now. Rhea, Finn, Priest, Tom, and Nick Mysterio… Even though I’ve never met Nick, he’s still my brother,” said R-Truth.

Rhea Ripley reacts to R-Truth’s skit

It was revealed on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that R-Truth had proposed changes to the Judgment Day faction. Despite being a member, it seems unlikely that the leader of the stable, Rhea Ripley, would approve of these changes.

R-Truth humorously claimed to have been present for many of the faction’s greatest moments, including Ripley’s victories in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match and ‘In Your House: Judgment Day’. He also introduced the faction’s new motto, which he was now a part of: “Live, Laugh, Love.”

The official Twitter account of WWE published a graphic showcasing the new appearance of Judgment Day, where Truth and other members were featured. Rhea Ripley reacted to the tweet by quoting it and expressing her disgust with the nauseated face emoji.

Do you think Judgment Day will ever accept R-Truth as a stablemate in the upcoming future? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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