Who is Roman Reigns’ cousin getting ready for his big GCW debut?

Everybody in WWE, including fans and wrestlers from other firms, is talking about the riveting Bloodline storyline. The plot reaches its zenith as Randy Orton returns for revenge in the main event and Jey Uso breaks away from Roman Reigns.

In the middle of all the Bloodline hoopla, word gets out that a relative of Roman Reigns is making his debut. Zilla Fatu has verified the news on his Twitter account, and now GCW has announced that he will be making her debut on January 26th at the Look At Me event in Tampa, Florida.

Who is Roman Reigns’ cousin Zilla Fatu?

Zilla Fatu, whose real name is Isayah Fatu, has been training with Booker T. at the Reality of Wrestling Academy since last year. During an episode of the To Be Someone podcast a few months ago, he revealed his thoughts on how he would handle the situation if he got a call from WWE.

Being the son of the late, great former WWE superstar Umaga puts him in the same generation as Sikoa and The Usos. He is the eldest child of the late Umaga. He is a renowned member of the Anoa’i family. Reality of Wrestling has announced that he will be making his professional wrestling debut. People are eager to see Fatu compete now that the word has spread widely.

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His first cousin Roman Reigns is one generation away from him. The Usos and Roman Reigns have a connection that is similar to the one that Fatu has with Roman Reigns. Currently, he is prepared to make his debut on the roster of GCW.

Roman Reigns’ cousin set to debut on GCW

Reality of Wrestling was a great introduction to the wrestling world for Zilla Fatu, the son of the famous Umaga. After he had finished his first bout, Muscle Man Malcolm went backstage to catch up with him which created a buzz. The 27-year-old wrestler is still a relative newcomer to the wrestling scene, but his impressive performances have won him accolades and made fans anxious to see his career progress.

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Zilla Fatu’s recent appearance at an AEW event has ignited rumors of a possible future partnership with the promotion. Even though he hasn’t decided whether to go with WWE or AEW, he’s getting ready to make his debut with GCW. He is going to make a big splash in GCW even though he has only wrestled a handful of contests.

Tribal Chief’s cousin was announced to be attending the Look at Me event in Tampa on January 26th with many other famous faces, according to a Twitter statement. The event will also include Mansoor and AJ Francis, who were both dismissed from WWE in September. Lots of people are wondering whether Zilla would ever work for WWE because of his ties to the famous Anoa’i family.

In the next year, do you anticipate any possibility of Zilla Fatu joining forces with Bloodline? share your thoughts in the comment section.


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