Who is Sam Allison set to achieve remarkable feat left untouched for 15 years?

Sam Allison is indeed determined to walk his way up to the top, as recent historical career achievements reveal. He once combined the rigour of firefighting with EFL match officiating, becoming the third black to officiate in the EFL, and now he has made yet another history.

In an effort to enhance diversity in top-level Premier League refereeing, the PGMOL has designated Sam Allison as the officiating candidate for an upcoming Premier League fixture. This groundbreaking move marks him as the first black individual in such a distinguished position in several years.

Who is Sam Allison?

Sam Allison has always been a man of duty and action. While he officiated in the EPL on weekends, Sam Allison was still a fireman during the weekdays.

Having had a prosperous playing career, the 42-year-old excelled at a high level in the non-league pyramid. During this time, he embarked on a dual career, serving both as a match official and a firefighter.

Apparently, the man is also fond of making history as he has done so twice now. He joined the ranks as the third black referee to officiate in the EFL, following in the footsteps of Uriah Rennie and Trevor Parkes and now he makes yet more history in the Premier League.

Sam Allison
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Commencing his journey with Swindon Town, Allison later went on to play for notable clubs such as Bristol City, Bournemouth, and Exeter City. During his playing career, he even earned a few appearances for English schoolboys and had the honor of representing Great Britain.

Sam Allison went on to carve his name in the sands of time after then. Speaking of his determination and strong motivation for greatness, he said:

“Whilst I was playing high non-league back in 2004, it was a case of ‘what can I do next?, I had a secretary at the Club who was a refereeing coach and he tried to encourage me to be a referee and I said, ‘nah, not yet.’

“It wasn’t until about seven years later that I thought I might give it a go to stay in the game for longer. To cut a long story short, he said he’d support me and help me. Maybe 10 or 11 years later, I’m in the position I’m in now.”

Sam Allison set to create history

Sam Allison is set to make history as the Premier League’s first black referee in 15 years when he officiates Luton Town’s match against Sheffield United.

Fulfilling PGMOL chief Howard Webb’s summer commitment to diversify top-flight refereeing, Sam Allison is scheduled to officiate the Boxing Day match between Sheffield United and Luton Town at Bramall Lane. This marks a significant moment as Allison becomes the Premier League’s first black referee in 15 years.

Sam Allison
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Up until three years ago, the 42-year-old held the distinct record of being the only black referee in the top four English divisions, following in the footsteps of Uriah Rennie in 2008. This milestone is particularly notable considering that, among the nearly 300 referees in England, the count of non-white officials still remains in single figures.

Hence, Sam Allison’s historic appointment sees him become the second black ref to ever officiate in a Premier League match, notably after Rennie.

Sam Allison has a South Asian heritage. In response to this appointment, the Black, Asian, and Mixed Heritage refereeing group released the following statement:

“We welcome this appointment. It is a further step in the right direction towards refereeing reflecting society and the playing contingent within football.”

“It is also the culmination of years of hard work by BAMRef members.

“We hope to work with Howard Webb to identify and progress more black officials to the top flight.”


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