Why did Broncos decide to bench Super Bowl winning QB Russell Wilson? Everything you need to know

In a significant $245 million deal, the Denver Broncos enlisted Russell Wilson to break their losing streak from the previous season. Despite the offensive challenges persisting, Sean Payton took on coaching duties with a vision for Broncos’ “redemption,” aiming to harness all of Wilson’s capabilities for a stellar season.

With a current record standing at 7-8, the team’s ongoing struggles remain unresolved, while a recent dramatic revelation unveiled internal conflicts within the team involving their starting quarterback.

Why did the Broncos bench Russell Wilson?

The recent benching of Russell Wilson by the Broncos has sent blast waves through the NFL, and behind the scenes, a financial story has been revealed. This strategic move wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision but rather a carefully sealed plan that had been in the works for weeks. 

Multiple sources with direct access to the situation revealed that the Broncos’ decision to sideline Wilson is deeply entwined with financial considerations. The situation took shape following the Broncos’ unexpected triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs on October 29. 

Just two days after this significant upset, the Broncos brass approached Wilson with a bold ultimatum—adjust your contract or face being made inactive for the remainder of the season. The financial stakes were high, and the Broncos were determined to secure the necessary adjustments to Wilson’s contract.

At the heart of the matter is the looming guarantee of $37 million in injury provisions for the 2025 season. Scheduled to become guaranteed in March 2024, the Broncos sought an adjustment from Wilson to defer this critical trigger date associated with the injury guarantee for the 2025 season.

Fortune, in the form of the Kansas City Chiefs loss, smiled upon Wilson, altering the course of the narrative and snatching Mahomes’ “two impressive stats”. With a super performance on Wilson’s part, recording 114 yards and three touchdowns, the Broncos secured crucial wins that injected confidence in him.

However, the initial shock of the Broncos’ threat reverberated through Wilson, prompting a major dispute between the player and the team on how to navigate the delicate financial intricacies at play. The standoff between the two sides illuminated the high stakes involved and drew attention to the complexity of the financial chess match unfolding in Denver.

Beyond the benching, the Broncos are also eyeing a potential severance of ties with Wilson, exploring the option of cutting the two-season veteran and leveraging his no-trade clause. As discussions continue, the likely scenario on the horizon seems to be Wilson’s release, granting him the freedom to sign with any team of his choosing and unshackling him from the confines of the Mile High City.

Russell Wilson’s performance this NFL season

The NFL season is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and no one embodies this tumultuous journey more than Russell Wilson. From early struggles to a resurgence of super quarterbacking power, Wilson’s performance on the field has been a captivating saga that helped him put forward a winning performance over formidable opponents like the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and Cleveland Browns.

In the first few games of the season, Wilson faced challenges and much criticism amid his team coach’s confidence in him. Nevertheless, the seasoned quarterback didn’t let the initial hurdles define his season. With determination, he soon reclaimed his super quarterbacking prowess, turning the situation in his favor.

The 35-year-old quarterback has been a consistent presence, starting all 15 games this season. The stat sheet tells a tale of improvement, with a completion rate of 66.4 percent, 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. Week 16 witnessed a standout performance against the New England Patriots, where Wilson showcased his prowess with 238 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions, even though the Wilson gang faced defeat.

Prior to that, his performance turned heads as he recorded 224 yards with two interceptions, contributing to the Broncos’ decision to turn down the Los Angeles Chargers.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes, where the stats tell only part of the story, a dramatic narrative was cooking. The Broncos, with a 7-8 record, face a mere 8% likelihood of reaching the playoffs with only two weeks remaining in the regular season, per NFL.com.

What’s your take on the Wilson saga?

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