Why did cops bring Saints WR Chris Olave into custody? Investigating the real cause

The New Orleans Saints got a major weapon for their offense in Chris Olave last season. Leading the Saints in receptions and receiving yards during his rookie season in the NFL, the receiver demonstrated his ability to spin corners in a circle, seemingly relieving the load on the team’s quarterbacks.

However, following a thrilling start to the season, the Saints have recently made headlines owing to back-to-back losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans. Amid the on-field frustration, their receiver has now found himself tangled in off-field issues.

Why did Chris Olave get arrested?

Perhaps the Saints’ back-to-back losses in Week 6 and 7 brought a nightmare and a great deal of depression for Chris Olave that he revealed after the Saints players got an off day following a Thursday night game last week.

Chris was observed riding a motorcycle at 70 mph in a 35-mph zone on the 1700 block of Joe Yenni Blvd on Monday as they were getting off. In any event, the law enforcement agency is always quick to apprehend the rule-breaker. 

As a result, the wide receiver was detained for careless driving in Kenner, Louisiana. Olave made the decision to follow the authority’s orders without adding excessive drama or running away from the scene, he cooperated with them. The Kenner Police Department verified the arrest case.

ESPN reported that the Saints were aware of the incident caused by their 23-year-old player. However, the team is yet to make any statement on the matter. 

Chris Olave’s NFL season performance so far

After experiencing a successful rookie season to remember, posting a 1,000-yard season, Chris Olave’s performances seemingly fell down this season compared to his rookie campaign. The Ohio State player appeared in all games for the Saints this season. 

Chris Olave
Saints Wire-USA Today

After seven games of the season, the second-year receiver tossed 39 receptions for 471 yards and a touchdown. His performances of 112 yards and 8 receptions against the Tennessee Titans and 104 yards and 8 receptions against the Green Bay Packers stood out among the others.

Nevertheless, the Saints team has a lot of faith in Chris Olave despite his deteriorating play. In addition to dedicating a significant amount of time to preparing him for the Saints playbook, Chris used to drill extensively prior to every regular season game for the Saints, as his receiving partner Rashid Shaheed revealed last week. Rasheed additionally hailed his teammates’ style and ball-catching abilities.

“I’ve seen Chris work on that a lot in practice.This offseason he spent a lot of time to perfect those kind of catches. Those kind of catches are never easy and the fact that he makes them look so simple, that just goes to show what type of talent he has.”

The Saints will battle against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. It remains to be seen if Chris Olave can free himself from the legal saga till then and join his team on the field. Stay tuned to get the latest update.

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