Why did Felipe Massa sue FIA, F1 and Bernie Ecclestone over Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title win?

Felipe Massa, the Brazilian driver, remains a significant figure in the industry, known for his enduring rivalry with the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, which persists even after many years.

Their intense rivalry dates back to 2008, marked by dramatic confrontations fueled by Massa’s dissatisfaction over what he perceived as unfair treatment. This led him to involve both the F1 community and FIA in several conflicts.

Why did Felipe Massa kick off his lawsuit against FIA, F1, and Bernie Ecclestone?

After repetitive indecisiveness regarding whether or not to pursue legal action, Felipe Massa has officially filed a lawsuit against Formula 1, the FIA, and Bernie Ecclestone. The 42 years old’s legal representatives have confirmed that the lawsuit was filed on Monday, March 11th.

The statement said, “Mr. Massa is seeking declarations that the FIA breached its regulations by failing to promptly investigate Nelson Piquet Junior’s crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, and that had it acted properly, Mr. Massa would have won the Drivers’ Championship that year. Mr. Massa also seeks damages for the significant financial loss he has suffered due to the FIA’s failure, in which Mr. Ecclestone and FOM were also complicit.”

Apparently, Massa was deprived of a world title due to a deliberate crash instigated by Nelson Piquet Jr., who pushed him into a pit stop to help Fernando Alonso, costing Massa a precious World title. Hl

However, as soon as Massa discovered the actual reasoning behind this, he was bent on turning the tables, although despite trying his utmost for many years, the Brazilian was unable to change the results. Due to this, the driver was bound to take serious action against the legal authorities.

Bernie Ecclestone’s Felipe Massa lawsuit response

Bernie Ecclestone has supported Massa’s decision, widely recognizing the necessity to make things fair by saying, “If he had asked me, I would have said it was the complete right thing to do, to sue, and to let an English judge decide what is right and wrong. I cannot say anything about the outcome or what will happen.”

“From his point of view, it is better that an English judge comes up with a verdict. It will be of more help for him.”

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