Why did Mercedes refuse to let Max Verstappen rent their 313 km/h AMG GT?

After the intense battles on the tracks throughout the 2023 Formula One season, drivers, including triple World Champion Max Verstappen, finally found a moment to spend quality time with friends and family. The Dutch sensation has planned to enjoy a well-deserved break in Portugal.

However, a rather peculiar incident was brought upon his visit, quickly capturing the attention of his dedicated fanbase. According to the reports, Mercedes has allegedly refused to let Max Verstappen rent their AMG GT upon arriving in Portugal.

Why did Mercedes refuse to let Max Verstappen rent their AMG GT?

The Red Bull driver had decided to spend his holiday in a familiar yet exciting way after the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi GP by travelling to Algarve, Portugal, accompanied by both his friend group and family. The entire group flew in three private jets, landing last Monday for a memorable time together.

They had also rented approximately 20 cars altogether from Sixt at Faro Airport, along with securing the Autodromo Internacional do Algarvae racing circuit for two consecutive days before they set foot in Brazil.

However, extreme unfortunate luck unfolded upon the arrival of the group. The staff members of Sixt conveyed their message of being unable to hand over their AMG GT vehicle completely over to the Red Bull Champion, as it would firmly violate their insurance policy due to him being under the age of 30. Despite Verstappen’s outstanding career with 54 victories and 98 podium finishes in Formula One, the company stood firmly by its policy.

A source said, “Verstappen’s a seasoned F1 driver who’s used to handling powerful cars, so it’s quite astonishing to think he wasn’t allowed to get behind the wheel of this one—but those are the rules, so he abided by them.”

Mercedes apologized to Max Verstappen

Shortly after the incident, fans showed their dismay regarding the scenario on social media. Many spectators start expressing criticism towards Sixt. The company was then obliged to address the issue and, hence, apologize for their behavior on behalf of the staff. However, they also emphasized that the staff members were merely abiding by the company’s rules and regulations, clarifying that this mistake would not be repeated again.

“We apologize to Mr. Verstappen. He can rent the car he wants from us at any time. There is of course no doubt at all about his driving skills and his experience with powerful cars.”

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