Why did NFL reportedly slap Seahawks’ Jamal Adams with $50,000 fine? Exploring the incident with concussion doctor

Sitting in the second spot in the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks strive to rebound after their Week 5 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Their upcoming matchup against the Arizona Cardinals is critical, as they aim to secure a 4-2 record to bolster their playoff aspirations.

In the meantime, Seahawks star Jamal Adams has found himself entangled in controversy due to his sideline antics. While he managed to avoid drama during the Week 4 game against the New York Giants, his on-field actions in the subsequent match have led to the NFL imposing a significant fine on him.

Why did Seahawks’ Jamal Adams slap with $50,000 fine by NFL?

During the Seahawks match against the Cincinnati Bengals, their wide receiver Jake Bobo got hit by Cincy safety Dax Hill. When he was getting evaluated on the sidelines by an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant (UNC), Adams was caught yelling, “He good! He good!”

The NFL fined the veteran a hefty $50,000 fine for directing verbal remarks and making inappropriate physical conduct with the UNC, via ESPN.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shed light on the matter last Friday, stating that he hadn’t seen footage of the incident. However, the video didn’t depict any physical contact between him and the doctor.

This marks the second time Jamal has gotten agitated regarding concussion evaluation. During the Seahawks’ week 4 game, the 28-year-old was suspected of sustaining a concussion and promptly left the field for evaluation on the sidelines. ESPN cameras captured him yelling at one of the NFL’s unaffiliated neurotrauma consultants before heading into the locker room.

On October 5, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL might take disciplinary action against Adams for berating the concussion doctor. However, he later apologized for the incident and luckily avoided consequences that week.

NFL community reacts to Jamal Adams-concussion doctor incident

Adam sustained a prolonged injury last season, and just days ago, he discussed how the past three years brought a series of setbacks due to injuries. The footballer rarely appeared on the field in recent years, and as he resumed play, controversies continue to surround him.

The news of his fine went viral on social media, prompting the NFL community to question his behavior on the field.

A person wrote, “What’s wrong with this guy.”

The Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson, has gained a reputation in the league for incurring fines due to his on-field actions. These actions include incidents such as pulling off a player’s facemask and engaging in heated altercations with referees. Many fans have drawn comparisons between the Browns’ QB and Seattle’s star player for their infamous actions.

A netizen wrote, “Jamal and Deshaun Watson must have hung out together.”

The NFL faced criticism for issuing numerous controversial fines through Week 6. In Adams’ situation, the reason behind the fine wasn’t entirely unjustified, yet many online users also criticized the league for imposing substantial fines on players.

A netizen wrote,”the NFL thinks fining players is how you get respect.”

What’s your take on this incident? Do you think that the decision was justified? Tell us in the comments.


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