Why did Sir Alex Ferguson forcibly end David Beckham’s honeymoon to return to Manchester United?

David Beckham is an absolute legend of the game. His glittering career as a soccer player has forced many media companies to propose several documentary offers to him, with Netflix eventually winning the race. Beckham enjoyed great success in his career, not just in England but also with Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, and PSG.

During his time at Manchester United, his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson was always under the microscope. The media took great interest in what was once a father-son relationship that deteriorated during Beckham’s last days at the club. In the Netflix documentary, Beckham recalls when Ferguson cut short his honeymoon to return to Manchester.

Why did Sir Alex Ferguson order Beckham to return to Man Utd?

Sir Alex Ferguson had total control over Manchester United during his time at the club, and he had a lot of influence on most of the players. Roy Keane was said the legendary Scot fell out with players he couldn’t keep under his control, and this was the case with David Beckham in his latter days as a Manchester United player.

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Beckham got married to his wife Victoria in 1999 in a close-up ceremony, with Gary Neville serving as Beckham’s best man. The couple then went on a honeymoon in Southern France. In his upcoming Netflix documentary, David Beckham explains how Sir Alex Ferguson cut short his honeymoon so he could return to training in Manchester.

“We had a short honeymoon and ended up at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s house in the South of France,” Becks explains.

“We were meant to be there for ten days, but the manager called me about five days in and said, ‘I need you back in training’,” he adds.

“Ringing David up five days after his wedding is classic Sir Alex Ferguson. ‘Get back here, you flash b*****d’,” Gary Neville also recalls. “Sir Alex Ferguson had an uncanny habit of bringing you back down to earth,” Neville added, recalling the honeymoon event.

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David Beckham’s relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson gave David Beckham his chance at United, giving the then-teenager the chance to live his dream by playing for the club in 1995. The pair won a lot together, including the famous 1999 treble and six Premier League titles. However, due to Beckham’s flashy lifestyle and his highly publicized marriage to Victoria, his relationship with Ferguson got strained.

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The Scot infamously kicked a boot at Beckham in February 2003 after an FA Cup match against Arsenal, injuring the Englishman right above his eye. The incident led to Beckham’s exit from the club as sanctioned the club to accept an offer from Real Madrid for the former England captain.

Thankfully, Beckham got to repair his relationship with Ferguson many years later.

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