Why does CJ Stroud sleep with a football alongside him?

The Houston Texans were grappling with uncertainties throughout the past two NFL seasons when Dave Millis was at the helm. The team needed to either pick a veteran or draft a promising quarterback to turn the wheel in their favor. They aimed for the second option by drafting CJ Stroud.

Shaking off the misfortune of the past two seasons, the Texans have been incredible in the 2023 NFL season. Despite starting the campaign with a loss to the Baltimore Ravens, they buckled up and secured ten wins in subsequent games, with Stroud at the helm. Meanwhile, one of the weird habits of the quarterback hit the headlines.

Why does CJ Stroud sleep with a football?

For many, the idea of sleeping with a football might seem unconventional, but for rising NFL star CJ Stroud, it’s more than a peculiar habit. For the young star, it’s a symbol of dedication and passion for the game.

Months ago, the Texans star confessed to his peculiar but endearing habit of sleeping with a football. He sees it not just as an object but as an extension of himself, referring to it as his “baby.” While some might find it odd, the signal-caller’s attachment to his football runs deeper than mere sentimentality.

“I always used to keep a football on that as well. Just because I don’t know it’s like my baby. I sleep with my football sometimes. I know its weird”, Stroud said via The Sports Rush.

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The dual-threat’s dedication to his craft goes beyond the playing field, as he is known for his relentless commitment to studying game films, often with an iPad in hand. However, it is the presence of the football, even in his moments of rest, that highlights his unwavering connection to the sport.

Stroud has never shied away from sharing his candid feelings about his on-field and off-field activities. Days ago, he also earned heavy praise from the NFL community by sharing his deep faith in God.

Keeping aside his off-field gossip, Stroud has overshadowed the earlier skepticism regarding his performance and is even a top contender for the offensive rookie of the year title. His offensive prowess has been stellar throughout the season. His exceptional playmaking abilities were once again vividly displayed in the Texans recent victory, where he showcased remarkable accuracy, completing 20 of 26 passes, amassing 264 yards, and securing two touchdowns.

CJ Stroud may grapple with a diet issue in Houston

In the vibrant city of Houston, where culinary delights beckon from every corner, even CJ Stroud finds himself grappling with the irresistible allure of its renowned food scene. He has been candid about his love for Houston’s gastronomic offerings and his subsequent struggle to maintain a balanced diet amidst the city’s culinary temptations.

Following his selection as the Texans’ second overall pick, Stroud swiftly became the leader of the team’s unforeseen journey. Keeping that responsibility in mind, the QB openly acknowledged his need to recalibrate his off-field habits, especially his indulgence in Houston’s delectable cuisine.

“I’ve gotten around in Houston a little bit. I’ve heard a lot of great things, of course, since I moved here, and the one thing that sticks out to me is the people. The people are very welcoming, very nice. The food is amazing. I’ve got to chill on some of the food because, you know, I’ve got to maintain my nutrition.”

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The signal-caller’s confession about his fondness for soul food, especially fried delicacies and oxtail dishes, perfectly highlighted the struggle he would face in balancing his culinary desires with the nutritional demands of professional sports.

“I love soul food, so, I’ve got to chill on the fried foods,” said Stroud. “I’ve had a couple good spots. I love oxtail, so I’ve got to chill on the oxtail. But I haven’t had too much.”

However, despite his initial concerns, as the NFL season progressed, CJ Stroud’s performance on the field remained stellar. In the recent Week 18 victory against the Indianapolis Colts, he showcased his talent by propelling the Texans into the playoffs. The signal-caller also etched his name into NFL history by joining an elite group of rookie QBs to exceed 4,000 passing yards. Hence, his earlier apprehensions about his food indulgences didn’t appear to hinder his exceptional performance.


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