Why is Alexis Mac Allister facing potential punishment from FA? Investigating the trouble for Liverpool midfielder

The recent controversies after the Liverpool vs. Tottenham match has not washed away yet. The match was highly controversial due to some unfair decisions by the referees, leading many fans and team members to be angry.

Liverpool midfielder Alexis Mac Allister also felt the same way after the game. Despite his team’s best efforts, the referees cost Liverpool the game with a goal wrongly removed for offside. The Argentine World Cup winner then decided to take matters into his own hands, and it could prove detrimental for him.

Alexis Mac Allister faces potential punishment

The match was highly controversial due to the fact that Liverpool were denied a goal through Luiz Diaz. PGMOL later clarified that it was wrongly denied due to human error. Liverpool also had Curtis Jones seemingly wrongfully sent off, and later Diogo Jota as well.

After Tottenham grabbed all three points, defender Cristian Romero decided to upload a victory post on his Instagram. There, his international teammate Alexis Mac Allister could not help speaking about how the result was achieved.

He wrote that the victory was due to Tottenham having help from the referee: “Normal when you have 12 players.” Romero also replied with banter, “Cry at home.”

This could, however, put Mac Allister at risk from the FA. According to The Sun, the governing body could now charge the player for questioning the integrity of referee Simon Hooper. He could face a suspension for a few matches, as his manager, Jurgen Klopp, also faced the same last season when he did the same.

The FA still hasn’t addressed the issue, though they could fine Liverpool for the many bookings the club received in the match, including Alexis Mac Allister.

Tottenham vs Liverpool controversy aftermath

After the game, Liverpool were absolutely fuming and have refused to accept the apology from PGMOL as they believe the ‘sporting integrity has been undermined’. They have asked for the whole audio from the referees for the game.

Alexis Mac Allister

VAR referee Darren England and his assistant Dan Cook have both been suspended for their next games, as is procedure when errors are made. Liverpool have also asked an inquiry as to whether they had fatigue from an overseas trip, as the aforementioned match officials had officiated a match in the UAE 48 hours ago.

It is unclear what else could be done about the incident, as replaying matches is not allowed in the UK. However, the rules and regulations for the VAR could be checked and further improved in order to remove human error.

Liverpool would have to wait until more further decisions come from the PGMOL, and overall, the officiating in the Premier League is long overdue for a drastic overhaul.

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