Why is DeAndre Hopkins set to pocket an extra $3 million? Exploring Titan star’s contract milestone

The Tennessee Titans and wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, had a lackluster season this year with a couple of defeats. Following Week 14, the franchise is sitting in the bottom spot in the AFC South with merely five wins and eight losses. They are now counting days until they are kicked out of the playoff scenario this season.

Though the Titans team couldn’t live up to expectations, D-Hop played his part the best on the field. Besides his unwavering commitment to pursue a degree, the WR also moonlighted as a hero for the Titans several times. His incredible performance for the team even bagged him an additional amount of cash during the regular season.

DeAndre Hopkins nears $3 million in contract milestones

DeAndre Hopkins has set his sights on not just catching footballs but also on cashing in on incentives built into his two-year contract with the Titans. His potential to earn up to $3 million annually hinges on meeting specific performance targets throughout the season. The criteria for the veteran to bag the full $3 million possesses a blend of receptions, yards, and touchdowns, all of which he has achieved in his career.

According to insights from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the WR’s deal has a structured bonus system. It offers incremental rewards starting at 65 catches, escalating through yardage milestones, which culminated at 10 touchdowns. Each threshold crossed results in a monetary boost, ranging from $250,000 for 65 catches to a whopping $1 million for hitting the mark of 95 receptions.

Tracking his progress, Easton Freeze shared updates on D-Hop’s journey toward these contract goals, as he has already checked off some crucial boxes.

In terms of receptions, the Titans star has already ensured incentives for catches at the 65 and 75 marks and secured $250,000 and $500,000, respectively. He is steadily progressing towards the larger payouts of $750,000 at 85 catches and the maximum $1 million for reaching the coveted 95 receptions milestone.

While talking about yardage, the receiver has already clinched the $250,000 bonus for reaching 750 yards, followed by an additional $500,000 for reaching 850 yards. He is still on pace to hit 950 yards, which would earn him $750,000, but his ultimate goal is to surpass 1,050 yards for the maximum $1 million payout.

Meanwhile, in the case of touchdowns, DeAndre Hopkins hasn’t hit the specified targets recently, and we have seen him succeed in securing incentives for 4 and 6 touchdowns to bag $250,000 and $500,000, respectively. With 8 touchdowns in his sights, potentially earning $750,000, Hopkins will aim to secure the highest tier of $1 million for reaching 10 touchdowns.

Hopkins gears up to battle former team Texans

The Titans’ practice field crackled with energy as DeAndre Hopkins geared up for a familiar showdown against his former team, the Houston Texans. Stepping onto the turf for just the second time since departing, he radiated a composed demeanor and said the upcoming match held no added weight in his playbook.

“It’s just another game for me. No significance than any other game. It’s just another game, man. I’m a professional. I’ve been playing this game a long time,” he said via the Tennessee Titans.

Instead of getting involved in trash talk regarding his former team, the veteran expressed his gratitude and affection for the city that fostered his NFL inception.

“I love the city of Houston. I still live in Houston. My family still lives in Houston. I am grateful for everything the city and the organization did for me and my family. There’s still a lot of love there, support. Some (fans) are still upset about me not being there, and I understand. But there’s still a lot of love there.”

Having made his mark with the Texans, D-Hop’s journey continued following a landmark trade that steered him to the Arizona Cardinals, where he solidified his status as one of the league’s premier receivers. Despite a departure clouded by trade discussions and eventual free agency, his connection to the city remained steadfast.

Hopkins’ seven-season tenure with the Texans was one of prolific statistics, including 62 catches, 8,602 receiving yards, and 54 touchdowns, which cemented his legacy in the franchise’s history books. Even beyond the gridiron, his ties to the city persist due to the presence of family and the deep-rooted connections he maintains.


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