Why is Hassan Whiteside reportedly retiring from basketball?

Once, one of the best rim protectors in the business, Hassan Whiteside was a problem for players in the league. Having played for a variety of franchises in his career, Whiteside last played in the NBA in the 2021-22 season for the Utah Jazz.

Now reports have emerged from the country of Puerto Rico saying that the star is going to bid farewell to basketball, forever.

Hassan Whiteside reportedly retiring from basketball

Now playing for a team from Puerto Rico, the star took his talents to a global scale after the lack of offers from NBA teams around the league. With dominating physique and mesmerizing defensive effort, Hassan Whiteside was a force to be reckoned.

After playing for the Pirates of Quebradillas, the star apparently informed the management of the team that he was not planning to return to the team’s operations as he was considering retirement from the beautiful game. During his time in the NBA, Hassan showed everybody why he was one of the best defensive players in the league with his crazy wingspan and agility that stopped anyone in their tracks.

Although the exact reason is not yet known, it seems basketball is taking a toll on his physique at 34. With Hassan Whiteside set to retire, we take a look at his storied NBA career from the various franchises he has played for.

How long was Hassan Whiteside’s career in the NBA?

Drafted in 2010 by the Sacramento Kings, Hassan Whiteside was the 33rd pick in the NBA Draft but was barely allowed to settle with the team or perform in the league. In less than two seasons, Whiteside found himself playing overseas basketball in countries like Lebanon and China where he proved himself and managed to get a call back from the NBA, courtesy of the Miami Heat.

Hassan Whiteside
Hassan Whiteside had his best years with the Miami Heat via USA Today Sports

Whiteside’s impact with the Heat was instantaneous and he did not waste the chance given to him, showing out on both ends of the court for the Heat. In his first season back, Whiteside managed to prove himself on both ends of the court while also making a strong case for the Most Improved Player in the league.

Without a doubt, Hassan’s best seasons in the league came with the Miami Heat who were completely reimbursed for the gamble they took on the player.

Hassan Whiteside
Whiteside led the league in blocks twice via USA Today Sports

Over the span of his ten-year career, Hassan’s best year came in 2016-17 where he managed to average 17 points per game, along with a massive 14.1 rebounds a game and 2.1 blocks per game, leaving no space for opposition teams to score. The star was also a two-time block champion, leading the league in blocks. During his time in the NBA, the player appeared for the Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, the Portland Trailblazers, and the Utah Jazz before he took his services completely overseas.

Playing in over 500 NBA games, Hassan Whiteside averaged 12.6 points per game and 10.8 rebounds per game while shooting 58.6% from the field in the top league of professional basketball.

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