Why is LeBron James not included in team USA for FIBA World Cup 2023? Reason explained

LeBron James hasn’t played for Team USA in almost a decade. Many basketball fans are hoping that the two-time Olympic gold champion will return to the floor soon.

A thrilling summer of basketball is promised by the next FIBA World Cup, which will be held in Asia. Many were taken aback by the lack of A-list celebrities on Team USA’s announced lineup. In contrast, the newly revealed roster is stacked with young talent, which could make for some exciting competition but it seems to be missing King James from it.

Why is LeBron James not included in the team USA for FIBA World Cup 2023?

LeBron James, who might have won three consecutive Olympic gold medals if he had participated, passed on the opportunity to do so in 2016 because he wanted to recover after winning his third NBA title. James was named the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year in 2012, however he opted to take a break rather than compete in the Olympics.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, USA Basketball did not invite James to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.  After James and the Los Angeles Lakers’ heartbreaking first-round loss in their title defense, he decided to skip the United States’ training camp.”I could use the rest,” James said.

He planned to take some time off to heal his ankle so that he could give his whole attention to filming “Space Jam 2,” a gesture of dedication to the film’s favorite characters. James’s goal of winning a third NBA title remains unchanged despite his advancing years. He’s less interested in winning the FIBA World Cup now, but he still watches the Olympics since it has the best NBA players in the world.

Will LeBron James make a comeback in Team USA 2024 Olympics?

LeBron James’ legendary, decade-long run with the U.S. national team has left an everlasting legacy despite his current absence from the team. As he enters his 21st season in the NBA and nears the age of 39, the idea of the end of his storied career is not out of the question. This means that 2024 Olympics in Paris might be his last chance to compete for his country.

However, a recent family issue, including a cardiac arrest scare with his son Bronny James, has strengthened his closeness to his loved ones. Analyst Brian Windhorst is considering James’ comeback to Team USA because of his deepening family ties as a parent and spouse.

“He never rules it out, typically, until the end. Like if you got…..right now he’s dealing with his family issue. But he typically would leave the door open,” said Windhorst, talking about James’ attitude towards representing the nation. “He has now not played in over a decade. So that’s obviously a factor. Plus, he likes spending time with his family at you know, his boys’ AAU events in the summer, not sure if the Olympics come much earlier….you’re cutting into the heart of the summer there….” Windhorst said.

Despite Windhorst’s pessimism, James’s lengthy tenure with the squad is still worth noting. James’s skill was on display throughout 68 games, and he ended up with two golds and a bronze in the Olympics. With 979 points and 281 rebounds, he is third all-time in USA Basketball’s scoring and rebounding categories. His record triple-double versus Australia at the London Olympics is very noteworthy.

James’s exceptional services to his country have been put on hold while he prioritizes his family. The next generation of American basketball players must prove that they can win the FIBA World Cup without a superstar like LeBron James if they want to help the country win more championships.

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