Why is Taylor Swift’s ‘classless’ gesture after winning Grammys award causing outrage?

Ever since Kansas City Chiefs starlet Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift got together, the NFL community across the country has been going gaga over the two. Their approval ratings have skyrocketed and Taylor has started receiving attention from a new diaspora of fans.

At the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony, Taylor Swift won the Album Of The Year award and was on cloud nine for the entire event. However, while receiving the award, she committed a blunder that has left the Twitterati fuming. Let’s find out.

Why are people so upset with Taylor Swift’s shady gesture at Grammys?

While receiving the Album Of The Year award at the Grammy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift graciously went up to receive the honor on the stage. However, in doing so, she completely ignored legendary singer Celine Dion. Whether this incident was intended right from the start or was a mistake made in a moment of elation, we’ll never know. But netizens have already started making their comments on the fiasco.

One user wrote, “I don’t dislike Taylor Swift like some people do but how she treated Celine Dion is shameful and I watched her face when they were announcing the nominees and Taylor knew that was Celine That was some cringeworthy stuff for sure and poor Celine has had to cancel her shows due to her illness Yet even going through all this, she was determined to be there for Taylor and she didn’t even get a glance,” expressing her displeasure at the fact that Dion was left completely ignored on the stage.

Another user commented, “Yes, that was very disappointing to watch! Celine Dion is such an icon,” echoing the sentiments of fans of Celine Dion.

Taylor Swift and Celine Dion shuts down rejection rumors

As the rumors of this snub started doing the rounds on social media, the two stars quickly shut down these rumors before they got out of hand. According to Business Insider, both Celine Dion and Taylor Swift were seen laughing together and hugging each other backstage, indicating no possibility of a feud between the two.

Some people on X were still of the opinion that Taylor Swift only released these photos because she realized that ignoring Dion on stage might have been a big mistake and could result in her approval ratings taking a nosedive. “The publicist definitely said we have to clean this up now. Socials are already in shambles,” wrote one suspicious user.

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