Why is the Las Vegas Grand Prix drawing so much criticism?

Certainly, the Las Vegas GP last year attracted numerous celebrities drawn to the event’s glitzy and glamorous chaos. However, the aftermath revealed significant downsides. In addition to facing criticism from the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, residents of the city encountered substantial challenges as well.

Despite only lasting a few weeks, the Grand Prix inflicted a considerable setback on the city. Local businesses have openly expressed their concerns about the situation, urging F1 officials to reconsider their planning strategies for the upcoming season.

Why is the Las Vegas Grand Prix receiving criticism?

Several F1 officials, including Lawrence Barreto, believed the Las Vegas Grand Prix to be labelled as the “biggest show on earth.” An extraordinary volume of workers was responsible for building the roads, adapting the racing strategy, and reconstructing the city roads for the fierce event, which included tens of thousands of tons of new pavement.

However, amidst this chaos, local businesses and residents have faced the most agony for an event slated to last a few weeks. The renowned Las Vegas Strip which attracted tourists throughout the world, has experienced an incredible loss in business due to the ongoing reconstruction surrounding it.

Additionally, transportation costs inflated to the extent where Uber rides cost more than $100 to travel only a mile away from the Strip. The city’s overall state alarmed tourists to an extent that they preferred not to visit the location any soon. The sole beneficiaries of this entire “carnival” were the F1 officials and the organizers of the event, as claimed by the local enterprises.

Gino Ferraro, the owner of the famous Las Vegas Ferraro has written an open pledge letter to the officials to reconsider sorting out the race location and planning in the 2024 season in such a way as to cause as minimal disruption as possible.

Open letter requests F1 Las Vegas GP reforms to benefit fans, companies

Not only Gino, but other successful entrepreneurs like Ross Mollison, Impresario Extraordinaire of Spiegelworld, have also written open letters to request changes to the strategic planning of the event in the city. Even though Ross is a diehard fan of F1, he has been compelled to reveal to FOX5 that his shows, Absinthe, Atomic Saloon and Opium has lost a total of $500,000 due the Formula 1 event.

“I love this event. However, can we please take into account all the businesses in Vegas, including hospitality and live entertainment, when making decisions for next year? Either way, I guarantee I will be there cheering it on. I would just prefer not to be sitting in a seat that cost me $0.5m. Go Lewis!” 

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