Why NASCAR will reduce races for 2024 Chicago Street Race?

NASCAR’s Chicago Street Race has gathered widespread attention among spectators for its diverse range of challenges in each event. Scheduled to return in July this year, the 2024 Chicago Street Race has long been a highlight on the motorsports calendar.

However, NASCAR has recently announced a significant change, reducing the number of races held in the city to just two. The decision has instigated many within the sports community who are seeking clarity on the rationale behind this shift.

2024 Chicago Street Race: Why will NASCAR shorten races?

In Chicago, NASCAR will once again hold the Street Race event in Grant Park, as declared by the officials this weekend. The event would return to the city with concerts and entertainment throughout the entire weekend, starting on July 4.

However, this year, only two races will be held each day to prevent unnecessary costs and to secure the privacy of the event. The Mayor’s Office has stated in an official statement, “NASCAR has agreed to shorten the event’s set-up and tear-down windows, reducing travel disruption for impacted communities and other residents,”

“NASCAR has also committed to addressing costs incurred by city departments and agencies in facilitating and securing the event, as consistent with other large-scale events. This is a win for Chicago taxpayers, as the original agreement did not include provisions for such costs,” explaining the reason behind scheduling only two races this year.

Complete overview of 2024 Chicago Street Race

Every year, the Chicago Street Race has had a diverse economic impact on the city, including last year, despite the heavy rainfall. This year too, the officials have decided to organize the event in such a way that it will have a long-lasting effect on the economy once again.

On July 10, the Xfinity Series The Loop 110 will be 50 laps and 110 miles, slightly shorter than last year’s Xfinity Series race. On Sunday, July 7, the Cup Series Grand Park will have 75 laps and 165 miles, compared to last year’s 100 laps covering 220 miles.

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