Will AlphaTauri change its name? Exploring the potential rebranding of Faenza-based team

AlphaTauri regained some pace in the recent races, after a largely miserable season. The team was also in talks of being sold., however, it couldn’t happen because AlphaTauri’s huge price tag was too much for the Australian buyers to consider. AlphaTauri had one of the most diverse roster this year as the Faenza outfit used 4 drivers throughout the season.

The brand was recently in stories due to a potential collaboration with apparel giant Nike and while Aston Martin will change its name next year, there is a chance for the Red Bull sister team to get rebranded in coming seasons.

Will AlphaTauri change its name?

While there may be speculations around the names, and people may even suggest their future name, AlphaTauri has dropped a shocker by announcing that they won’t be using sponsor names directly from 2024 season and instead they will try to stick to the Torro Rosso line.

AlphaTauri is a Red Bull owned clothing company which was earlier sponsoring Torro Rosso leading to a rebranding in 2020 in their honour.

Rebranding is close via Planet F1

However, Daniel Ricciardo’s arrival means two new sponsors have greeted Torro Rosso, owing to which they are going to stick to their earlier naming scheme instead of committing to the sponsor brand. The new name for AlphaTauri will be Racing Bulls, which is an inspiration from the Red Bull name.

Daniel ready for race day via Racingnews365

“The identity will be generic,” team CEO Peter Bayer told media, “Identity is what Toro Rosso would have been and is approaching the Red Bull family again. But then it will appear with the name of the business partners”. 

“We are going to change the name of the company, we are going to change the identity, the logo, everything, a complete relaunch, a complete rebrand. The team name, identity, have been decided by the shareholders. And I have to take it with me without being able to share it, which is very difficult!”.

Peter Bayer via Autosport

AlphaTauri’s previous names

AlphaTauri has been around in Formula 1 as early as Red Bull and coincidentally they were the first to score a victory in F1, beating Red Bull during the starting years.

Scuderia Toro Rosso was their previous name, under which they competed for almost 14 years before assimilating the sponsor name in their team.

Torro Rosso wins Monza 2008 via Reddit

The sister team of Red Bull was made on the foundations of Minardi, and it served as crucial platform for young drivers which is visible even today. Toro Rosso wants to come back to its roots in the upcoming season and fans are more than excited to witness it.

AlphaTauri have narrowly missed being last in the constructor’s championship and ending up as the worst team on the grid.

Do you agree with the fact that they will be able to keep their momentum and have a better season next year?


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