Will Cristiano Ronaldo appear at WWE Crown Jewel? Examining the rumors surrounding the Portuguese megastar

WWE has always been making headlines with unexpected guests appearing at their big events from time to time. From Hollywood celebrities to international athletes appearing on their shows, WWE has always turned unexpected appearances into reality.

Now, there’s speculation that legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo might make an appearance at WWE Crown Jewel, scheduled for November in Saudi Arabia, alongside other big celebrities.

Cristiano Ronaldo rumored to appear at WWE Crown Jewel

Recently Xero News reported on X, formerly known as Twitter, that WWE is trying to get 5-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo to appear at their upcoming event “WWE Crown Jewel” on November 4. It was also mentioned that the Stamford-based wrestling promotion has been talking about bringing CR7 for a while now. The report further mentioned that the company will also have many other celebrity appearances at that event.

The WWE Crown Jewel event is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 4. This location makes it entirely possible for CR7 to make an appearance, as he is currently in Saudi Arabia with his family due to his contract with Al-Nassr club. Wrestling fans will have to wait until WWE Crown Jewel arrives to see if the football legend shows up at the event.

WWE’s soccer crossover

WWE had many special guests appearing in their shows over the years. Many actors and athletes, including footballer Wayne Rooney, have appeared on their shows. The Manchester United legend made an appearance on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2015, which was held in Manchester.

During the show, Rooney, accompanied by his son, was seated in the front row. He had a confrontation with Sheamus and Wade Barrett, who delivered a promo in Wayne’s direction. Unfortunately, one of the wrestlers made the mistake of insulting Rooney’s son, which led to the former UEFA Champions League winner slapping him in front of thousands of people.

It’s worth noting that Wayne Rooney wasn’t the only one from the soccer world to appear in WWE. Back in 2007, the world-famous coach Jose Mourinho was also in the audience for an episode of Monday Night Raw. Mourinho explained why attending Raw was a special experience for him in a pre-show interview.

“WWE came to my house because of them,” he said, pointing towards his children. “For me, it’s great to be with my kids and to be around the people they admire very much; I think that is very cool.” Mourinho was also greeted with loud chants during the show when Shane McMahon revealed him in a promo.

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