Will Liv Morgan’s arrest affect her WWE comeback plans? Everything you need to know

After hurting her shoulder on RAW in May, Liv Morgan is now in the recovery process. She, along with Raquel Rodriguez, held the WWE Women’s Tag Team championships. However, now that she’s been arrested for marijuana possession, it seems like she could have even more problems with the promotion.

There was a lot of uproar when the news broke that Liv Morgan had been arrested in Sumter County, Florida, on accusations of possessing marijuana. The question of how WWE handled Morgan’s legal predicament behind the scenes is now being debated online.

Will Liv Morgan’s WWE comeback be delayed after arrest?

On Thursday night, authorities in Florida arrested Liv Morgan on suspicion of possessing synthetic cannabinoids, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. PWInsider says that top WWE officials knew what was going on and talked to Morgan the next day, but they didn’t give her much information. Regardless, Morgan is supposedly still involved with plot points for 2024, which is being referred to as “a high-profile program.”

It would seem that Morgan’s status inside the corporation has been unaffected by the arrest. It is not seen as a danger to her job security, even if WWE wants a quick settlement. Another rumor going around is that Morgan’s vehicle included the vape pen in the issue, which belonged to someone else. Supposedly, WWE is sitting tight until the legal procedure plays out.

After Liv Morgan’s arrest, Sean Ross claims that she is receiving “absolutely no heat” from WWE. Executives at WWE don’t seem worried about the legal difficulties. WWE and Liv Morgan were faced with difficulties as a result of the arrest, which included speeding and drug misuse.

When did Live Morgan last compete in WWE?

During WWE RAW on July 24, 2023, Rhea Ripley surprised Liv Morgan with an assault. After Morgan’s shoulder had just healed, Ripley deliberately stomped on it while she was on a chair, inflicting a real injury. The purpose of creating this plot was to temporarily remove Morgan from television.

Despite Liv Morgan’s commitment to WWE as a performer, an injury derailed her relationship with Raquel Rodriguez, preventing them from achieving their dream of becoming champions. Before her injury, Morgan had defended the Women’s Tag Team Championship with Rodriguez, where they faced off against Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green.

Liv Morgan
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Morgan had a challenging battle against Green and Deville in the match. Rodriguez also put up a good fight, but Deville and Green secured a decisive victory with a series of devastating attacks. Following her rehabilitation, fans are eagerly awaiting Liv Morgan’s return to the ring, where they hope she will seek revenge on Rhea Ripley.

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