Will Logan Paul vs Kevin Owens rematch?

Beginning the year on “WWE SmackDown,” Kevin Owens defeated Santos Escobar to win the WWE United States Championship No.1 Contender’s Tournament. After that, Owens competed against Paul for the United States championship at WWE Royal Rumble, but he was unsuccessful in front of a crowd packed in the Tropicana Field.

Many were upset to see KO lose since they wanted to see him become champion. Following the wild involvement of brass knuckles that altered the result of their fight at WWE Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens is now requesting a rematch with Logan Paul.

Is Logan Paul vs Kevin Owens rematch going to happen?

With highlights like Roman Reigns’ title defense and Bayley’s domination, the 37th Royal Rumble delighted fans with its wrestling heritage. However, the United States Championship bout between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens took an unexpected turn. The brass knuckle mayhem made Kevin Owens suffer the wrath, but he still managed to gain the victory.

Logan Paul
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A fair referee discovered Kevin Owens employing the prohibited weapon during the U.S. Title bout, revealing Logan Paul’s past with brass knuckles. A brutal assault on The Maverick ensued after Owens was disqualified.

A brass knuckles incident occurred during Paul’s first title defense at the 37th annual Royal Rumble due to intervention by Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. The use of the knuckles disqualified Owens, even if Paul had brought them. The audience of 48,044 was taken aback by the unexpected outcome.

Kevin Owens announced his desire for a rematch and his intention to defeat Logan Paul in an exclusive WWE Royal Rumble broadcast. Reiterating the need for a fair rematch to establish the title, Owens brought attention to Paul’s illegal conduct with the brass knuckles. Seeking a moral victory was all he asked for.

Logan Paul brands Kevin Owens a ‘sore loser’ for Royal Rumble actions

As a result of Kevin Owens’ disqualification, Prime beverage owner Logan Paul retained the championship at the 37th Royal Rumble in his ninth encounter in WWE. There was a lot of action in the sixteen-minute bout, including some dangerous moves by Owens that went through the announce table and left the Maverick injured.

Logan Paul
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Extra controversy arose when Logan Paul won his first Crown Jewel match with brass knuckles. As a result of Owens’ previous feuds with Theory and Waller on “WWE SmackDown,” the unethical interference in the championship battle irritated fans.

Even though Logan came out on top, he still decided to play the “heel” role, posting a clip of their bout on Twitter while making fun of Owens for being a sore loser. Despite the insanity that ensued at the Royal Rumble, who do you think is the real winner of the US championship? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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