WWE fans applaud HOFer Shawn Michaels after announcement of Dominik Mysterio vs Carmelo Hayes matchup on WWE NXT

On the latest episode of NXT on Tuesday night, it was announced that WWE NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes will face off against NXT Champion Dominik Mysterio. It will be the first time that these two champions of the black and gold brand go face to face against each other in the ring.

Carmelo Hayes is the current WWE NXT Champion and the face of WWE’s development brand. He has worked extremely hard over the years to rise to the top of NXT and dethroned Bron breakker as the top champion of the company at NXT’s Stand & Deliver earlier this year. On the other hand, Dominik Mysterio arrived on NXT about a month ago and dethroned Wes Lee as the NXT North American Champion of the black and gold brand. Both men are in their first title reign.

WWE fans lavish praises on Shawn Michaels

Things changed for NXT when Hall of Famer and WWE Legend Shawn Michaels was appointed as the creative head of the development brand after Triple H became the Chief Content Officer.

On WWE NXT this week, it was announced that NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes would face NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio in a Champion vs Champion match next week. Upon hearing this announcement, fans were overjoyed and praised Michaels’ creative booking decisions.

One user wrote, “HBK cooks week in and week out. No show touches NXT right now. They need a bigger audience”.

Another wrote, “HBK and NXT has been cooking and the crowd is old school type crowd that pays attention and actually reacts. Their viewers are creeping up also.”

The superstars of WWE NXT have gained a great deal of popularity and attention under Shawn Michael’s leadership. The ‘Heartbreak Kid’ has elevated WWE’s development brand to new heights under his watch and has helped prepare a ton of superstars for their main roster debut.

Dominik Mysterio vs Carmelo Hayes bout overview

On WWE NXT this Tuesday night, it was announced that Dirty Dom would face Carmelo Hayes in a Champion vs Champion singles match next week.

Melo is the current NXT Champion while Dominik is the NXT North American Champion. Both men are in their first title reign. Melo won the championship after defeating Bron Breakker earlier this year, while Dominik arrived on the black and gold brand a month ago and defeated Wes Lee to win his first singles championship.

On NXT this week, Melo was involved in a backstage confrontation with Dom, where the former told the latter that he probably wouldn’t be the North American Champion after No Mercy, where he is slated to defend it against Mustafa Ali. Melo further mocked Dom, saying that the Judgement Day member is “not cut like that”.

This led to an altercation between them where Dominik said that he is the A Champion, and Carmelo challenged him to singles action to put his statement to test. Dom hesitated, saying that he would have to ask his ‘Mami’ first. Their match was confirmed later that night and was labeled as a Champion vs Champion match.

This will be the first time that the two top champions of WWE NXT go up against each other. Stay tuned for their clash on next week’s episode of the black and gold brand.

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