WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash denied permission to attend Sting’s farewell match

Kevin Nash, one of the most influential and successful wrestlers of all time, has won 20 major championships, including six world titles and 12 tag team titles. Since his debut in wrestling in 1990, he has worked with various Wrestling promotions such as WWE, WCW and TNA. 

He is also a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, was inducted into the Hall of Fame class of 2015 and still contributes to WWE with his reactions to current WWE storylines. Nash’s recent statement about his former partner, The Sting, has gone viral on social media, as he discussed Sting’s farewell match in AEW.

Nash’s hope to witness Sting’s farewell

Sting’s retirement match is expected to be a historic and emotional event, as he will end his illustrious career that spanned over four decades and multiple promotions, including WCW, WWE, and AEW. Sting is set to have his final match at AEW Revolution on March 3, 2024, where he will team up with Darby Allin, to defend the AEW Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks.

Kevin Nash revealed on his podcast, Kliq, that the WWE contract barred him from attending the historic event. Nash said, “He asked me to be a part of it and it will not happen due to positioning with WWE’.

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Nash revealed that Sting asked him to be a part of his farewell match in AEW, but his WWE contract stopped him from attending this. Nash is currently under the WWE Legends contract, which has many limitations within the wrestling community.

One of the main reasons for this is considered to be the CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, who always makes hateful and critical comments against the WWE. Recently, he also had a heated conversation with the Former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, claiming he doesn’t deserve to be a part of RAW roster.

Sting and Nash reflect on the situation

Sting’s farewell match will be a memorable and special occasion, as he will bid farewell to the wrestling world in front of thousands of fans and millions of viewers. However, Kevin Nash’s absence from Sting’s farewell match is unfortunate, as both have a history that dates back to the early 1990s in WCW.

On the same podcast Nash said, “I asked [WWE] – you know when you ask and there’s that three-second pause? It’s like when you be on the road and you’re like, “Hey babe? We’re at Fort Wayne, I’m gonna go to Stewie’s Strip Joint, you got a problem with that?” Nothing”.

Kevin Nash  and Sting
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Nash said that he asked WWE for permission, but he was met with a long pause and a negative response. Nash did not specify what his role or contract with WWE is, but he implied that he is not allowed to appear or associate with AEW.

Despite these challenges, Nash has remained loyal to WWE and has expressed his gratitude for the company that gave him.


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