WWE icon “mad” at Rhea Ripley but for a reason you would expect

Undoubtedly, Rhea Ripley has established herself as one of the best female wrestlers in the world. She’s become a force to be reckoned with since she became a heel on Judgment Day. It’s been almost a year since she became the WWE Women’s World Champion, and her fame keeps growing.

No one can deny Ripley’s success, but she has taken heat for playing a “heel” role. Recently, she has decided to face her critics head-on, showing how strong and tough she is. Mami’s daring statement forced SmackDown standout Naomi to react with a “mad” note.

Naomi shares cheeky reaction to Rhea Ripley’s post

The unique persona of Rhea Ripley has captivated fans all around the globe. While she’s widely admired, there are dissenting voices probably because she’s portrayed as one of WWE’s most powerful bad guys.

Recently, Ripley has focused on critics both within and outside of wrestling circles, continuing her trend of daring answers to opponents in the ring. Naomi’s response to Ripley’s comments further piqued the interest of fans.

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Since her impressive showing at this year’s Elimination Chamber, Ripley has been consistently demonstrating her supremacy, particularly in her clashes with Nia Jax. With her recent string of triumphs against The Irresistible Force, Ripley has solidified her position and boldly proclaimed on Twitter that she’s stronger than any of her detractors could ever be.

The Eradicator tweeted, “Stronger than you in EVERY way. If that makes YOU mad then you can kiss my ass.” It was evident from her Twitter post that Rhea Ripley is not going to allow the negativity of her critics to bring her down. Her fellow SmackDown colleague Naomi reacted to the tweet by saying she was mad at Mami. Naomi reacted by noting, “I’m mad then.”

Just days before tweeting this, Mami became a sensation online for her homage to Rikishi’s “Stinkface,” which she used to humiliate Jax in the Road To WrestleMania triple threat match. But Rhea’s critic Becky Lynch recently blasted her viral performance.

Rhea Ripley’s tribute to Rikishi frowned upon by Becky Lynch

Fans were overcome with nostalgia last week when Rhea Ripley faced off against Nia Jax in a triple-threat match at a WWE live event in Springfield, Illinois. As a humorous dig at fellow Bloodline member Rikishi, Ripley employed one of his infamous moves into the contest.

The audience went wild when she gave Nia Jax the Stinkface, which added a comedic edge to the confrontation. But Becky Lynch spoke out because she thought it could send the wrong message to fans.

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In an interview with Steve Fall, the six-time world champion went into detail about how she wouldn’t want her young daughter to watch acts like Ripley’s Stinkface since it may mislead kids about the wrestling business.

The Man said, “When I think of the amount of women that were at one stage fighting against that treatment. They were forced to do two-minute matches. And maybe I’m just stuffy and jaded because this is the stuff I have to fight against. Of course, everybody loves it; it’s cool and edgy.”

She further added, But if I and my little girl are sitting in the crowd, and if I have my daughter, and she’s seeing that, and she’s thinking that’s what she needs to be if she’s a professional wrestler and that’s the stuff that’s getting a reaction, and that’s the stuff that people are talking about, and that’s the stuff they’re posting on social media.”

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