WWE NXT New Year’s Evil: Tiffany Stratton to face Fallon Henley with a massive stake on the line

On this Tuesday’s episode of NXT, Tiffany Stratton insulted Fallon Henley by calling her trash. The former NXT Women’s Champion also added that she would never visit Henley’s bar and that Henley has probably spent her entire life serving people.

The thing that shocked everyone in the arena was when Stratton challenged Henley in a segment to a match at NXT New Year’s Evil on January 2nd, 2024, stating that if she won, Henley would have to become her servant.

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley set for WWE NXT New Year’s Evil

On the latest episode of NXT, Tiffany Stratton challenged Fallon Henley to a match at New Year’s Evil on January 2nd. Stratton insulted Henley’s career as a bartender and called her trash. She proposed that if she won the match, Henley would have to become her servant.

In response, Henley dressed up like Stratton and imitated her, while Stratton belittled Henley by claiming that she could never match up to her level. The two even had a confrontation during the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge that took place at the NXT Deadline.

At their latest face-off, Henley emerged victorious in a match against Stratton. However, in a fit of rage, Stratton attacked her opponent and even dumped trash on her. Later on, during the same show, Stratton challenged Henley to a match at NXT New Year’s Evil. She declared that if she wins, Henley will be forced to become her servant.

Watch: Tiffany Stratton attacks Fallon Henley with a wet mop

On the latest episode of WWE NXT, Tiffany Stratton and Fallon Henley engaged in an intense fight both inside and outside the ring. The match began with a shooting contest, followed by Henley rolling up Stratton for a near-fall. This led to both women exchanging strikes. After briefly getting beaten, Stratton overpowered Henley and shoved her to the arena floor. However, at the climax of the match, Henley won by pinning Stratton with a rollup after both women traded near-falls.

After getting frustrated over the loss, Stratton immediately attacked Henley after the match, smashing her into the announce table, throwing her into the barricade, and dragging her by her hair to the backstage area, where she continued the assault. Stratton attacked Henley with a wet mop, calling her trash, and then emptied a trash can on her, while the NXT referees did their best to separate the two women.

Do you think Fallon Henley will take revenge on Tiffany Stratton over the humiliation she faced? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section!

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