WWE RAW Preview: Date, venue, lineups for “absolute best of 2023” 12/25 episode

WWE RAW is a weekly professional wrestling show that airs on Monday nights on the USA Network. The show features matches, interviews, and segments involving WWE superstars and personalities. The show reached the next level when CM Punk signed with RAW brand after his return to WWE.

On December 25, 2023, WWE RAW will air a special Christmas episode that will showcase the best moments of the year 2023. The episode will not feature any live matches or new storylines but rather a compilation of highlights from the past 12 months.

What is the schedule & lineups for 12/25 WWE RAW?

The next Monday Night RAW episode is set to air on December 25 on the USA network. As announced earlier the episode will not be a live show, instead it will be a combination of multiple moments happened in RAW in the following year. As per the reports the show will feature the matches that received highest rating. It is also rumored that WWE is planning to include a dedicated segment for CM Punk’s return in the WWE.

Gunther and Miz
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Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said, “There will be no new Raw or Smackdown next week. The 12/25 and 12/29 shows respectively will be best of shows. It’s funny because WWE is on tour on 12/29 and obviously a TV taping would draw better in one of those markets and do much higher rating.”

Along with RAW, Friday, Dec. 29 episode of SmackDown will also be pre-taped, though it is unclear when and where. NXT talent and crew will also benefit from the same break. Many fans and wrestlers have praised WWE and Triple H for giving their employees some extra time off for the holidays, especially after a challenging year due to the pandemic.

WWE RAW 12/25 confirmed to be the absolute best of 2023 episode

WWE has decided to give their talent and staff a week off for the holidays, and there will be no live events scheduled between Dec. 18 and Dec. 26. The Christmas Day episode of Raw will be a “Best of 2023” edition with highlights from throughout the year.

The hosts of the “Absolute Best of 2023 RAW” have been officially announced. On the cable listing on the official website of the USA Network, it is mentioned “Celebrate Christmas with RAW’s Absolute Best of 2023 hosted by Jackie Redmond & Peter Rosenberg.”

After Christmas WWE have announced Day 1 WWE RAW, a special New Year’s edition of WWE’s flagship show, which will air on Monday, January 1, 2024. The show will feature some of the top superstars and championships from the Raw brand, as well as some surprises and celebrations to kick off 2024.


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