WWE star sparks controversy by taking a sly dig at Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift: “His face looks like a b*tthole”

WWE sensation Grayson Waller has emerged as a formidable force in the ring, thanks to his unparalleled ability to verbally dismantle his adversaries with his razor-sharp tongue. The rising star took hold of the microphone, sending shockwaves through the arena. With a single rub, he managed to shatter the morale of numerous established stars. He even set his sights on legendary John Cena, aiming to make a statement at the highly anticipated Money in the Bank event.

With his sharp tongue, he has recently unleashed a barrage of shocking remarks aimed directly at the latest power couple- Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Subsequently, he finds himself at the receiving end of a substantial backlash on the internet for his recent statement.

WWE star takes brutal jibe at Taylor Swift

The budding romance between famous singer Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce is currently melting the hearts of Swift’s fans all around the world. Swift and Travis have always been seen together. But one of WWE’s main roster members is not pleased with the celebration of fans over this.

In his latest appearance on “WWE’s The Bump”, Grayson Waller said that the Kansas City Chiefs star should have gone for someone better than Taylor Swift. He suggested that Travis could go on a better date. He also mentioned that he would have gone for someone better than the famous singer when it came to dating. He even rated Swift 6 out of 10 on the attractiveness scale.

“Good for Trav, I’m not the type of guy who’d settle for a 6, but to each their own. I have a preference for a bit more pizzazz—I lean towards 9s or 10s. I know Austin [Theory] feels the same way. But hey, kudos to him [Travis] for finding his match and giving it a shot”. Said Waller.

With this comment from Grayson Waller, Swift fans got furious and trolled the rising superstar of WWE on the Internet. One example of the hate he is receiving from her fans is given below, where a Swift fan tweeted that Waller’s face looks like a but**ole. This is only a fraction of the hate that he is receiving.

Grayson Waller forms new partnership with Austin Theory

In August of this year, it was rumored that Grayson Waller was going to form a new tag team with former WWE United States Champion Austin Theory. Eventually, this rumor became true as the rising superstars joined hands in an episode of Friday Night SmackDown in September.

Waller and Theory have been delivering joint promos throughout their partnership. They recently featured in numerous high-profile WWE SmackDown matches, including a challenging bout against Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso for the WWE Tag Team Titles, which they regrettably lost. Nevertheless, their achievements as a newly established tag team remain commendable.

However, the tag team of Waller and Theory has secured their first win in SmackDown against the duo of Dragon Lee and Cameron Grimes. Their performance even got appreciation from the new general manager of the Blue Brand.

What is your take on Grayson Waller’s remark regarding Taylor Swift’s look? Let us know your views on it in the comments section below!

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