Years after quitting NFL J.J. Watt reacts to Nick Bosa’s mega-contract with hilarious “un-retiring” quip

Following an unstoppable record-breaking career with a stellar resume, J.J. Watt put an end to his football career after the 2022 season. With his incredible athleticism, the former Defensive Player of the Year garnered attention being one of the greatest defensive linemen of all time in the league during his magical football career.

However, Watt continues to keep himself informed about all football-related issues even if he is no longer on the field. Reportedly he supported defensive lineman Nick Bosa’s choice to hold out. Yet, he expressed a different opinion after the 49ers gave Bosa a sizable contract.

J.J. Watt playfully contemplates comeback after Nick Bosa’s deal

After a silent war with the 49ers due to a misunderstanding his regarding contract extension deal, Nick Bosa has signed a five-year, $170 million contract with guarantees worth $122.5 million. The agreement makes the iconic 49ers star the highest-paid non-quarterback in league history. However, J.J. Watt was taken aback by Bosa’s record-breaking deal, and he immediately shared his opinion on X.

The former defensive lineman acknowledged that Bosa’s contribution to the 49ers club made him deserving of the contract. Yet, after learning about the contract, Watt expressed his concern over the agreement while stating that if he were to receive a comparable contract, he might ponder making a comeback in the league.

“Just getting a chance to sit down and look at the breakdown of Bosa’s new (very well-deserved) contract. “I have a little more digging to do, but I’m starting to feel comfortable saying that I would consider un-retiring if offered a similar contract. “Maybe,” Watt wrote on X.

Despite giving his best, the 34-year-old retired with career earnings of $129.7 million, which may have left him surprised at the deal. Watt later revealed that it was a joke in order to protect himself from unwarranted fan abuse.

Watt retired after 12 years of NFL career

J.J. Watt started his NFL journey with the Houston Texans after being selected as their first pick in the first round. He established a Hall of Fame career while playing with the Texans, setting team marks for forced fumbles (25) and tackles for loss (172), sacks (101) and. The former Texans player also cemented his legacy by winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2012, 2014, and 2015.

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In 2021, J.J. Watt signed up with the Arizona Cardinals, where he carried on his all-around domination. He played just 23 games with the Cardinals before drawing an end to his brilliant 12-year career. During his stint with the Cardinals, he recorded 13.5 sacks, 55 tackles, and 35 quarterback hits.

Soon after his retirement, he accepted a position as an analyst at CBS Sports with no intention of returning to the field. Do you want to watch J.J. Watt play again?

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