YouTuber Max Fosh explains his hilarious Uno reverse yellow card at Sidemen Charity game, raising over £2,425,000

The charity game between Sidemen FC and the YouTube All-Stars was one chaotic game. The UK charity match was riddled with lots of goals and antics, including the famous Max Fosh’s Uno reverse card.

Max Fosh, a popular YouTuber, provided insight into the humorous Uno reverse yellow card incident during the Sidemen Charity Game, an event that successfully raised over £2,425,000 to be distributed among multiple charities. The game featured other star YouTubers as well, including the Sidemen themselves, MrBeast, IShowSpeed, Danny Aarons, and others.

Max Fosh explains his hilarious Uno reverse yellow card at the Sidemen Charity game

Often, footballers disagree with the referee when they are penalised, but it is rare for such protests to yield a positive outcome. In fact, under the new Premier League regulation, a player caught in an excessive outburst at the referee will be shown a yellow card. However, the Sidemen Charity Match saw something that was exactly the opposite.

During the match held in London last Saturday, an ex-Premier League referee handed a yellow card to Max Fosh, a well-known YouTube personality. However, Fosh, who had already netted a goal earlier in the match, playfully responded by showing the referee the Uno reverse card, effectively reversing the situation.

The reverse card was aimed at playfully compelling the referee, Mark Clattenburg, to lay down his own card, reversing the direction of play. The image of the brandished reverse card has been a trending meme all over the internet due to its humorous effect.


In standard UNO rules, the card being green (rather than yellow) would typically make it ineffective. After responding to the funny gesture, Clattenburg swiftly retracted his yellow card, clearly taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

Sidemen Charity game raise over £2,425,000 for donations

Max Fosh’s humourous antics were not able to get them the win, though. The Sidemen FC defeated the YouTube All-Stars in an 8-5 thriller that raised huge money for charity.

The Sidemen charity is understood to have raised an impressive sum of more than £2,425,000 in support of four prominent UK charities. These organizations include the Teenage Cancer Trust, a mental health advocacy group called CALM, the educational charity M7 Education, and the children’s charity Rays of Sunshine.

It is said that the YouTube personalities are expected to arrange another charitable match that will likely occur in the upcoming year due to the huge success of their maiden match.

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