$6 million Jorge Masvidal faces financial setback after Dustin Poirier’s UFC 291 defeat

In the highly anticipated UFC 291 headliner in Salt Lake City, Justin Gaethje put on a remarkable display, avenging his prior loss to Dustin Poirier and claiming the BMF title from Jorge Masvidal, who graciously passed it down.

Despite Jorge supporting Dustin that day due to their strong bond and friendship, the showdown between these legendary lightweight fighters captured significant attention because Jorge lost out a huge sum of money in a wager.

Jorge Masvidal loses $100,000 wager on Poirier’s UFC 291 defeat

The Highlight’s thrilling triumph, featuring a brilliantly executed head kick, indeed lived up to the event’s anticipation and excitement. Nonetheless, Gamebred, having placed a significant bet on Dustin, must have experienced some disappointment due to both Gaethje’s victory and the financial loss resulting from his wager.

“[I’m] making wagers that I probably shouldn’t. I put $100,000 on D.P, on Dustin Poirier. Kids I’m sorry, you’ve got to go to public school now.” Masvidal said.

According to the previous BMF title holder, Dustin had control of the pace and was landing superior shots in the initial round. The MMA veteran thinks the match seemed to be in Dustin’s favor until Justin glanced down and swiftly delivered an unexpected head kick.

“Dustin looked in the best shape ever and obviously he’s my teammate so I wanted the world for him, I wanted him to win but hats off to Justin. Great fight and a great competitor always. I’m just hurt. I wanted my boy to get that belt.” Masvidal added.

Jorge praised Gaethje’s exceptional MMA display, mentioning that although ‘Diamond’ partially blocked the kick with one hand, he left himself vulnerable with the other, allowing the kick to wrap around the back of his head, leading to Gaethje’s victory.

Why is Masvidal known as Gamebred?

The Miami Native embarked on his MMA journey around two decades ago and recently decided to retire after UFC 287.  Jorge earned the nickname “Gamebred” early in his career, symbolizing his fighting spirit and willingness to take on any opponent fearlessly.

The UFC’s fastest knockout record holder, accumulated an impressive record of 35 victories and 17 losses throughout his illustrious MMA career, showcasing his tenacity and determination inside the octagon.

‘Gamebred’ has become synonymous with his fighting style, embraced by both fans and the MMA community. The introduction of the BMF Belt at UFC 244 on November 2, 2019, where Jorge Masvidal emerged as the winner against Nate Diaz, further solidified his ‘Gamebred’ persona, adding to his legacy in the sport.

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