Max Holloways ponders the possibility of being a triple champion in a ‘perfect world’

Max Holloway upset the odds and became the BMF champion with a brutal knockout victory over Justin Gaethje in the featured matchup of UFC 300, thus earning $600K in bonuses. As the new BMF champion, ranked in the top 10 in both featherweight and lightweight, the Hawaiian has plans to become a triple champion in the UFC.

Speaking to Joe Rogan on the acclaimed Joe Rogan Experience, Holloway revealed his plans to become the featherweight and lightweight champion. As Conor McGregor is an anomaly, Holloway removed the Irishman from the equation even though a potential fight might happen.

“In a perfect world to me, would be to fight Ilia, 45 title, get my hand raised, and whoever’s the next guy up at 55, fight them,” Max Holloway said.

Try and go for double champ status, whatever it is, or even three belts. Do 45 [title], the BMF, and then put the BMF and the 55 [title] against whoever at 55, and that’d be surreal. I think that’d be crazy,” Holloway added.

Nevertheless, Ilia Topuria, the featherweight champion of the UFC, was dismissive of Holloway’s performance against Gatehje, even though he was among the UFC stars in attendance who reacted wildly when the Hawaiian knocked Gaethje out cold.

As for Islam Makhachev, the lightweight champion, he already has a fight scheduled against Dustin Poirier, who, according to Beneil Dariush, is a 7 to 1 underdog against Makhachev. Moreover, he has ambitions to challenge the welterweight title, currently held by Leon Edwards per BJPenn.

Nonetheless, Holloway did have a splendid performance at UFC 300, which garnered him much praises, admiration, and even gifts.

Joe Rogan gifts Max Holloway for UFC 300 performance

Max Holloway was a recent guest on Joe Rogan Experience after Holloway expressed his interest in coming on the podcast in his post-fight interview with the commentator at UFC 300.

Not only did Rogan invite Holloway, but he also had a gift to give the man who knocked Justin Gaethje out cold at UFC 300. The gift was a custom painting of Holloway’s victory celebration with Justin Gaethje face-planted unconscious in the background.

Holloway’s performance at UFC 300 certainly made him a lot of fans, particularly Mark Zuckerberg, the META CEO, as he invited the Hawaiian for a private poker game. With the BMF title in his hands, the future looks bright for Max “Blessed” Holloway.

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