Alex Pereira claims to compete in UFC 301 just 21 days after his Jamahal Hill fight at UFC 300

Alex Pereira aims to set a new UFC record by competing in two fights within a span of 21 days. The Brazilian MMA fighter, who became a two-division champion in just seven fights, declared his intentions after being named for the UFC 300 main event title bout.

Pereira, if victorious on April 13th, is unwilling to wait for another title defense and seeks to make a quick title defense fight, potentially defending the light heavyweight title twice within the tight timeframe.

Alex Pereira vows a 21-day turnaround after the UFC 300 fight against Jamahal Hill

Recently, Alex Pereira expressed an unexpected wish that he might make it true after the UFC 300 event. UFC fans are always waiting for their favorite fighter to compete every 2-3 months, showcasing something new in the octagon. This time their wish might come true while compiling with “Poaton’s wish.

The UFC light heavyweight champion has suggested he might fight at the UFC 301 event after finishing up the UFC 300 bout injury-free. As per the latest statement of the Brazilian fighter, he doesn’t want to miss the chance of fighting on his home soil while defending the title.

According to MMA fighting, Alex Periera talks about the quick championship defending turnaround possibility on his YouTube channel: “Since I was already talking to the UFC about UFC Brazil and it’s something that was already kind of agreed but didn’t happen, there’s this possibility. The UFC likes to see me fighting. I think that would be a good idea if all goes well. If I win and I’m not injured, I would ask for that. But one step at a time. The focus now is to win and defend this belt.”

Which UFC turnaround time is the fastest in history?

The UFC has given the limelight to some of the greatest female athletes, including Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko, Amanda Nunes, etc. These champion fighters were known to defend their titles within a 2-3-month timeframe during their prime. However, there is also an active fighter in the UFC who has beaten all of them at one record where courage and desire both play an important role.

Loppy Godinez is the 30-year-old Mexican fighter who set the record in 2021 for the quickest turnaround in UFC history. In just 7 days, she fought twice in the modern era of MMA. First Loppy fought Silvana Gómez Juárez on October 9, 2021, winning the bout via armbar. Then, within 7 days, she took another fight against Luana Carolina, but the bout resulted in a unanimous decision loss.

Now it will be interesting to see a champion named Alex Periera trying to break the record for winning. So far, Ronda Rousey has tried on 56 days notice, but Alex is the champion, going for the biggest attempt.

What are your predictions? Will Alex Periera Plan get the success he is asking for?


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