Chael Sonnen advises Cory Sandhagen to use an ‘old trick’ that guarantees UFC title shot

Cory Sandhagen and his desire to get the title shot have always been there since he joined the UFC. But UFC isn’t ready to give the title shot that easily when the division is like bantamweight, where dice can take the turn at any time.

Sandhagen joined the UFC in 2018, and in 6 years he managed to secure 10 victories and 3 losses to his win. After being on a 3-fight win streak, the officials are still waiting for Cory Sandhagen to deliver the attention-grabbing performance at his opponent in the big match-up.

Chael Sonnen rips at Cory Sandhagen

So far, Cory Sandhagen failed to win against Aljamain Sterling, T.J. Dillashaw, and Petr Yan, which resulted in him not being able to get into the title shot conversation. Though last year ‘The Sandman’ did demand the title fight when Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling were about to collide. However, O’Malley had other plans for the next fight, as he was going to compete against Marlon Vera in a rematch at UFC 299 on March 10.

Now, in response to Cory Sandhagen’s consistent demand, UFC veteran fighter Chael Sonnen is stepping forward, seemingly countering Sandhagen with his advice. Sonnen, a former UFC fighter, received numerous opportunities to contend for the UFC title during his career.

Despite failing to secure the title each time, he consistently demonstrated his worth by earning the title shot. Taking his approach into consideration, the 46-year-old advised Cory to win fights first and then request title shots, emphasizing that it’s an old trick that proves effective every time.

Cory Sandhagen demands a UFC title shot

Sandhagen had a talk with Ariel Helwani regarding his future on MMA Hour. ‘The Sandman’ said he has a desire to fight the winner of the UFC 299 main event between Vera and O’Malley. The No. 4 ranked bantamweight champion thinks he has done enough to get the title shot in his last fight against Rob Font on August 5, 2023.

Cory reminded me that he beat ‘Chito’ last year in March, so according to him, this tricky calculation puts him at the top of the next title fight contender’s list. He also claims he and Sean O’Malley are both in their prime

“You have two guys in their prime that have really exciting styles. That would be an awesome matchup, so I have a lot of hope, man. I feel like the fans really want to watch me and O’Malley fight, if he comes out with the win, and if ‘Chito’ wins, that’s an easy argument for myself, too, being that I 5-0’d him, you know, less than 365 days ago.” via. Sportskeeda.

Do you guys think Cory Sandhegen should be next in line to get the UFC bantamweight title shot?


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