Despite never winning a Grand Slam, Nick Kyrgios denounces Boris Becker’s credibility after ex-Wimbledon Champ shared his honest view

Two contrasting characters have been in the tennis news recently, due to a heated argument. One of them is Nick Kyrgios, who is famous for getting himself into drama and chaos. With the star missing out on all competitions this season due to injuries and what many believe as an excuse, he is set to miss the 2024 Australian Open as well.

The other name is Boris Becker, a tennis legend, famous for winning Wimbledon at the age of 17 in 1985, who went on to win four more Grand Slams. Now an experienced coach, Becker called out Nick Kyrgios’ blatant criticism of tennis from the past era.

Boris Becker talks on Nick Kyrgios impact on tennis

In a recent interview, Nick Kyrgios labeled the former era of tennis slow, stating that comparing the past era of the sport to today’s sport would be absurd as the game wasn’t as quick as today’s. Boris Becker, who is a notable part of the past era, hit back at Nick Kyrgios, questioning his credibility in the present tennis game.

Nick Kyrgios told the Athletic in a recent interview, “The game was so slow back then. I’ve watched Boris Becker and I’m not saying they weren’t good in their time, but to say that they would be just as good now, it’s absurd. A big serve back then was like 197 to 200 KM/H. People like me, serve 220 consistently, to corners. It’s a whole different ball game.”

Becker hit back at Kyrgios’ statements on X, claiming that the Aussie was “making a lot of noise” about tennis despite his hatred of the sport. He then questioned the 28-year-old’s credibility on the basis that he never won a Grand Slam.

“Nick makes a lot of noise about tennis lately!?! Why does he speak about a sport he apparently hates …fact-check Nick has never won a major championship as a player or coach (yes doubles 1) so where is any credibility coming from?”, the former World No. 1 said.

Becker was far from pleased with Kyrgios trying to compare generations and told the Aussie to speak about anything but tennis on his OnlyFans. “Trying to compare generations… Laver v Federer , Borg v Nadal , Sampras v Djokovic!?! I am not even gonna mention McEnroe,Conners ,Lendl Agassi , Courier, Edberg, Wilander ,Kuerten, Bruguera , Rafter , Hewitt and many more …speak to your @OnlyFans about many things but tennis,” the German wrote.

Boris Becker played tennis in the 80s and 90s, and to this day, he remains the youngest-ever Wimbledon champion, winning the grass-court Major in 1985 when he was only 17 years old. However, he is still active in tennis but as a coach and he is currently a part of Holger Rune’s team.

Nick Kyrgios claps back at Boris Becker

As the feud between Nick Kyrgios and Boris Becker continues, the Aussie has clapped back to the recent tweet of Boris. Kyrgios responded using his prison stint as a clapback and also doubling down on his claims saying that Djokovic would wipe the floor of Becker in his prime and saying that if he doesn’t have credibility neither does 99% of the tour including Alexander Zverev.

“Hahahaha this bloke speaking about credibility…… last I checked you were the one hiding assets no?” Nick Kyrgios responded.

“Also I mean I’ve beaten, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray so I feel like I have a little credibility…. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Novak would wipe the floor against you in your prime? Like it’s not an attack. It’s just facts. Basically 99% of the tennis tour doesn’t have credibility then? Potato. What about your boy Zverev? No credibility? He hasn’t even won a doubles grand slam?”

This is not the first time the two stars would go to war against each other. Last month the duo hit hard against each other after Boris had said that Carlos Alcaraz had not developed but other youngsters had done.

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