Why Novak Djokovic slapped with £6,117 fine? exploring his frustrating Wimbledon final loss to Carlos Alcaraz

In Novak Djokovic’s journey of creating a legacy, a 20-year-old Spaniard bull emerges to be a snag. World number 1, Carlos Alcaraz has been growing momentously in the past few months. At such a young age, Carlos has grown into an exemplary and complete tennis player who had the legend stumbling and struggling in the SW19 Center Court.

The Djoker was evidently frustrated by the second set of the five-set thriller. For the 36-year-old, the impeccable winners and returns by Carlitos accompanied by the breeze, knotty grass surface, chair umpire, and unsupportive audience, made the finals a nightmare. Piling up one after another, Nole lost his cool and smashed his racket.

Novak Djokovic fined £6,117 for shattering his racket

Tennis is a gentlemen’s sport and according to the official rules of the sport, smashing rackets is considered “racket abuse“. Over the years, there have been several iconic racket smashes and after each time, the player faces the consequences of penalties and violation.

With so many of his winning streaks and record endangered and with the emotions of having nothing go his way, Novak Djokovic rammed his racket into the net post during the fifth deciding set. He lost the championship and just as he grieves through this loss, he is fined for his actions.

Fans quickly point out how considering the prize money he just received, this would have absolutely no effect on Nole!

Tennis enthusiasts backs Novak Djokovic’s action after loss at Wimbledon final

People were quickly showing support for the Serbinator. Tennis is an individual sport with no teammate or coach to give you moral support during the game and so it is understandable that the players sometimes are overt with their frustration. So, this kind of penalty seems to not make sense to tennis fans.

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Tennis fans are mocking how futile this fine would be for the champion. Moreover, fans justify Novak Djokovic’s actions because his emotions are understandable and in the end, it is his racket!

One tennis fan writes, “I’m not a fan of Djokovic, and supported Nadal for over 15 years but I know a champion when I see one. People need to leave him alone. Although wrong to smash his racquet, his passion to win overtook him. Generally can’t stand Andrew Castle commentating, on this occasion I agreed”

Just a couple of weeks back, former WTA world number one, Victoria Azarenka spoke of how there exists double standards for Novak Djokovic’s actions. She says that while anything that Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer does is ‘right’, Nole is just viewed completely differently.

Do you think this fine was just Novak being targeted? What are your thoughts on the racket abuse rules? Let us know in the comments below!

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