Emma Raducanu teams up with her childhood coach to practice after multiple injury surgeries

Emma Raducanu has not lived up to expectations since she famously won the 2021 US Open without dropping a set, becoming the first teenager to win the championship since Serena Williams in 1999. She recently faced criticism about the lack of a consistent coach for the 21-year-old star, making it four coaches in three years.

However, the Brit is now set to be back at her best and put behind the torrid months of ankle and wrist injuries. She has finally turned to her childhood coach in preparation for the Auckland Open.

Emma Raducanu re-joins her childhood coach to practice

Emma Raducanu is returning to the WTA Tour in a couple of weeks, and fans were wondering how she’ll play without a coach but reports suggest that she is practicing with her childhood coach even though she has not made it official yet. Just days after Serena Williams’ ex-coach had revealed that she needed stability around her, it seems the advice has been taken for Raducanu’s situation.

The 2021 US Open champion didn’t feature in this season’s French Open, Wimbledon, or US Open due to a wrist and ankle injury. However, last month she announced her comeback in 2024 after varying amounts of huge criticism from the British media about her declining love for the game. Recently, some critics have labelled her a one-hit wonder, while others have argued that she’s one of the best players enduring a pretty unlucky spell.

According to the Daily Mail, Raducanu turned to former childhood coach Nick Cavaday ahead of her return to the Auckland Open. The choice is an interesting one, as Cavaday has a lot of experience working with talented players under the Lawn Tennis Association. Raducanu’s coaching choices have been a major talking point, with many failing to see the logic behind her hires, and very few will find some in this one either.

Tennis fans are praying this team-up will bring an end to the nightmare of an inconsistent coaching team that has influenced her bad run of form since 2021. Ultimately, that’s what will matter most. Her first event is the ASB Tennis Classic in Auckland, which starts on January 1st.

What caused Emma Raducanu’s injuries?

For several months, Emma Raducanu battled with wrist and ankle injuries that were restricting her time on court and in matches. The agony finally proved to be too much for the Brit. In May, she made a statement on her social media accounts confirming her decision to take an extended break from the game, with operations on both wrists and her ankle highlighting the scale of the physical issues she has been battling in recent months.

“It is safe to say the last 10 months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands,” Raducanu wrote on Instagram alongside a picture after her surgery.

“I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it for most of this year and end of last year by reducing practice load dramatically, missing weeks of training as well as cutting last season short to. I’m disappointed to share that I will be out for the next few months and while I am at it will have another minor procedure that is due on my ankle.”

Injuries have certainly influenced Emma Raducanu’s drop in games, with her lack of time on the practice court impacting her hopes of success in major tournaments. Since the famous British triumph in New York, Raducanu has struggled to play with the freedom that was so important to her US Open victory.

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