Despite snubbing UFC 292 event, Conor McGregor breaks character to applaud TUF double-champ Brad Katona

The stage was set for the TUF 31 finals on the preliminary card of UFC 292, as contenders clashed in their quest for ultimate triumph. The anticipation had been building for this clash since the inception of the season, with Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler at the helm of opposing teams.

Within the bantamweight division, the clash between Brad Katona and Cody Gibson carried the weight of sealing a lucrative six-figure deal under Dana White’s promotion. Despite the absence of Mystic Mac on this particular night, it was Katona, the lone warrior from McGregor’s team, who emerged as the victor.

Conor McGregor lavishes praise on Brad Katona

Anticipating a place in history as the to clinch the double TUF champion title, Katona entered the octagon tonight. Following a grueling three-round match against Gibson, Katona secured a unanimous decision victory over his American adversary.

Despite the absence of McGregor at his side during the match, the Irishman extended his congratulations to Katona via Twitter for his victorious return to the UFC and becoming a TUF champion. Brad’s was part of Team Chandler initially, but he later transitioned to Team Conor.

Emerging victorious in TUF Season 27, Brad Katona had his eyes on an impressive feat: securing a second TUF championship after his semifinal bout victory. The Canadian fighter’s journey to the finals included a hard-fought split decision win in the semi-finals, earning him a coveted spot at TD Garden.

As the sole representative of Team McGregor to advance to the finals, Katona showcased his prowess in a clash against Timur Valiev. The outcome was a skillful display resulting in a split-decision triumph that firmly secured his position in the finals.

Conor McGregor was a no-show at UFC 292 to support Brad Katona

While anticipation was high for McGregor’s presence at TD Garden in Boston for the TUF finals, his presence wasn’t witnessed. In contrast, the opposing team’s coach, Michael Chandler, was there to offer his support to Cody.

In an interview, Chandler downplayed Conor’s absence, expressing that if none of his fighters were in the finals, he might not have shown up either. Iron shared with Mirror Fighting that he would have possibly chosen not to attend, implying that the event’s significance was not centered around Conor.

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