Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje 2 disappoints Chael Sonnen ahead of legacy-building BMF title fight

In the action-packed UFC 291 fight card, a highly anticipated bout between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje is set to take place. A huge chunk of the MMA community is eagerly awaiting the headliner matchup as the BMF title is back on the line, and the winner could also be awarded a shot at the title

Popular commentator Chael Sonnen provided an in-depth analysis and shared his prediction for the thrilling rematch between these two lightweight superstars. In a YouTube video, the MMA analyst also discussed various aspects of the UFC.

Chael Sonnen “loves” the BMF title for its legacy-building potential

Jorge Masvidal retired not too long ago, leaving the UFC honorary BMF title vacant. If things go alright, then the winner of the highly anticipated Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje fight will be declared the new BMF belt holder tomorrow.

While some notable figures in the MMA community have voiced their discontent with the BMF belt, Chael Sonnen believes that this honorary title could become a legacy-defining accolade in the future and that a potential journey might just commence with the upcoming clash between Dustin and Justin.

The UFC BMF belt, an honorary title introduced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), was created to celebrate fighters who display exceptional toughness and bravery inside the Octagon. Introduced in 2019, Jorge Masvidal was the first fighter to hold the strap after defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244.

Sonnen predicts Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje 2 winner

Chael Sonnen revealed that he has never heard Justin Gaethje actively call out anyone for a fight before, and it was ‘The Highlight’ himself who wanted a rematch against Dustin Poirier.

Sonnen mentioned that he has been following Gaethje’s career since his time in the World Series of Fighting, now known as the PFL, and during that period, he never heard Gaethje call out any opponents until now, specifically targeting Dustin for the rematch.

“Gaethje called for this fight and that is what everybody is missing. This was not Dana’s idea, this wasn’t Dustin’s idea, this wasn’t Masvidal’s, this wasn’t the fan’s or the media’s. Justin Gaethje called for this fight after he beat [Rafael] Fiziev,” Sonnen said.

Poirier emerged victorious in their last octagon encounter, widely regarded as the standout fight of 2018. Considering all these factors, the retired MMA fighter is favoring Poirier to come out on top.

“There’s something about that first fight that eats at him. There’s something that has bothered him. I wanna know what’s going on. I wanna know why this keeps him up at night. I wanna know why he wants his rematch.” Sonnen added.

The upcoming rematch between these two top-ranked fighters is expected to be thrilling due to their intense rivalry and the added stakes of competing for the BMF title.

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